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math geek

January 15, 2010

Okay, I don’t really think that’s me… Kevin is much more likely to fit that description but there might be a change brewing.

When I returned to school for the New Year we had a one week math course with a math professor/Waldorf parent and it got me all fired up about math. Then I learned that I would be with a middle school class during their geometry block, starting this week. The geometry I got in high school was easy enough for me to follow but it always seemed sooo dry and boring. Actually most of high school math was like that or missed me completely (I’m thinking the calculus we did with graphing calcuators – ugh).

After last week I was all excited about math, but concerned about the unfamiliar task of working with young adolescents and terrified about how to bring geometry in a way that would actually connect with them. I’m so thankful that I get to work with such a wise and sense aware mentor. I’m eating up all the new and interesting things I can learn about the golden section, compass and straight edge geometric constructions and the platonic solids. My head is spinning about all the cool things I need to investigate further and at the same time, I’m getting to experience some things that don’t usually come with math in school. Namely, looking at the golden section as used in art, exploring geometry with clay, leading meditative reflection, discovering the meaning of “new” words, finding an appetite for my own inner reflection and so much more.

And yeah, this math part… that piece about wanting to be a math teacher, the very thing that motivated me to even think about becoming a teacher so many years ago, is burning ever brighter within me. I love it and can’t wait for next week’s adventures!



March 13, 2009

dscn1915The other night I brought home my first batch of glazed pottery.  I thought it was rather cool that all the bowls fit concentrically but I have a lot to learn about glazing.  I tried experiementing a bit more this time and while the results were ok I have to say that my marbled one is a surprising favourite.


The clear glaze had a much better effect than I expected and the False Creek Shino on the outside rim and the inside looks much better than I had anticipated.


clay play

February 25, 2009

Well, I forgot my camera tonight on my way to class and once I got there I totally lost track of time.  I had 7 pots to glaze, 4 to trim and one mug to make a handle for as we were all under the impression that there were only 2 classes left.  (It turns out we have 3.)

I also wanted to try the techniques Krista introduced me to on her blog.  That sort of flopped because I didn’t wedge my clay well enough and was short on time but I still had fun.  I’m looking forward to seeing my pots in 2 weeks but I still have to figure out some small hand building projects for that class.

I’ve always wanted to have my own tiles but I won’t have time to paint them up all fancy so I was thinking of perhaps trying some chimes.  I’m open for suggestions though!



February 5, 2009

I finally remembered to take my camera to class tonight!  I’m finally getting the hang of this pottery on the wheel thing and I couldn’t be happier.


I usually have no idea what I’m going to make when I start out but great things have been happening.    And unlike in my first set of classes (where I only got on the wheel three times) I’m actually challenging myself to let things go.  That usually means squishing up the last thing I’m trying but last night that meant making my cheater plates a little smaller than planned.  All in all, it’s fun, fun, fun!

BTW, these photos are of things I made last week before I started trimming them.