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getting my bearings

June 21, 2010

To be back in BC has been wonderful. So wonderful that I really don’t want to leave for my summer training or go back to Alberta for Folk Fest and a string of goodbyes. It’s true, I’ve enjoyed the past 2 weeks of being homeless.

Kevin and I started this piece of the journey with a few days of packing and followed it with a slow 2 days of driving with our truck fully loaded and the E carrying the more delicate and precious cargo. His folks joined us in packing and driving and when we got to our new stomping grounds we took a good couple of hours arranging our storage space. Everything fit and most everything we’ve needed since has been accessible.


We camped for a few days and then Kevin went back to AB to wrap up work while I joined my class for the last few days of their school year. It was so good to be able to meet everyone and the social calendar has meant that I’ve been able to work at getting to know people from the school and the broader community. It’s been so great that not being able to find a house or rental suite is hardly stressful right now. We knew this piece would be difficult but it’s still a surprise to me that it’s such a non-issue.

I am really happy to be where we are but in wanting to maintain some privacy I’m really reluctant to give too much of my location and my work away just yet. Suffice it to say that we’re where we need to be and we’re looking forward to getting to know our neighbours and all the local recreation hot spots.

As I spend the summer traveling and sinking myself into this new community I expect the opportunities to blog will dwindle… much like in my last semester of schools. I wish it weren’t so but if it means I’m spending less time on-line (as it has these past few weeks) then I think I’m good!

Have a great summer and happy solstice!


phase one of training completed

June 5, 2010

It has been an emotional week.

I started off overtired in Ontario and am ending it with a brief stop at home in Alberta. Within the week there have been so many goodbyes!

At the beginning of the week I learned that a friend, classmate and neighbour from my elementary school years had died in a tragic plane crash. Exhaustion meant I wasn’t in a very good place to deal with the news. Add the parallel’s of his death to those of other friends, not being able to reach my folks, and not having anyone to speak of shared experiences with, and it was an extra challenging start to the week.

While many of my classmates were looking forward to grad, I was nowhere close. I never really saw it as being that significant and then I had grief and nervousness about the future to distract me.

Our graduation actually went very well and I was able to live in it and forget about everything else for a little while. We sang songs, showcased our eurythmy and dancing, had beautiful words spoken about us, and recited Rudyard Kipling’s poem If. We did this latter piece in a rather unorthodox fashion using a combination of 5 languages. It was so appropriate for our group though and the words ring so much truth too!

It’s funny… my university grad was 10 years ago, in another “0” year and Rudyard Kipling played a roll in it too. In truth, it’s the iron ring ceremony that Rudyard Kipling’s work was featured in, but having my cousin give me my iron ring was so much more significant than the cap and gown thing for me.

With this year’s grad there were so many poem’s we could have used and since I had nothing to do with the selection I’m finding this coincidence quite remarkable.

Our crew has not been very connected during the year but in the day after grad, through preparing a meal for our regular faculty and reflecting on our graduation and the year behind us, it felt like we came together. All that, just in time to be saying goodbye the next day and heading out in our different directions so soon after.

Yes, it was a tearful and exhausting week. Thank goodness there’s a bright future ahead!