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sweet summer

August 29, 2010

This summer has been amazing… almost dreamlike really. We’ve been welcomed by a wonderfully warm and generous community, visited with family and friends on repeat occasions, explored outside and gotten rid of STUFF. Sweeeet!

Today I even took out my camera for the first time in a while. It got me thinking that back when I modified my case at Christmas I had expected that this would be a summer of hiking. I was soooo wrong. Today we went hiking for the FIRST time since I started school back in September. Don’t get me wrong, I like my hiking and backpacking but we’ve just had so much more to do this summer.

tall, tall trees

Earlier this week I became inspired to do some decluttering. We both knew we had way too much stuff in our old 3 bed, 3 bath, 1600+ sf home but when we moved into our current little place (which is a much more modest 520 sf, rather than the 650 sf we first thought) it was immediately obvious that we had WAY too much stuff. The great weather meant that we were more inclined to go out and enjoy it rather than unpack and that was starting to drag me down. Then I went to visit with friends and on two occasions was met with simple, tidy, clutter free homes. I was sold and the very next day started the purge. It lasted a day and a half and in a few hours is likely to resume again.

tall stand the trees... and the rock.

So far we have a living room, dining area, hallway, hallway closet, bedroom and a bathroom that are in good shape. The spare room is a bit of a gong show being that it’s an office for each of us and our storage room. The kitchen is going to take a lot of work because it simply is too small for all the things we use and I’m not willing to part with heirloom stuff that got used everyday before we moved. We’re making progress though and we’ve probably taken care of the most important things – heavy boxes of old books, excess clothes and surplus furniture. It feels so great!

ah... sunshine and bird-like views!