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meal planning

January 31, 2010

I’ve been doing quite well with my meal planning as of yet but I haven’t had time to do much in the way of documentation. That’s going to change starting now!

One great surprise I’ve had this year is that in cooking for myself I’ve been able to make meals stretch a bit longer than usual. That’s about the only part I like about cooking for one:)

In any case, I’ve learned that planning for 5-6 meals in a week is all I can do. I rarely get to day 6 and never to day 7. Before I lose track of the meal plans I’ve been enjoying I’d like to share what I’ve had over the past two weeks or so:
* zesty garlic (soba) pasta with beans and roasted peppers
* lentil soup
* oven fries, sockeye salmon and broccoli
* refried wild rice with pecans (one of my favourites) and salad
* quinoa, salad, canned salmon (lazy meal!)
* vegetarian chili
* turkey tacos (with rehydrated Don Antonio salsa… mmm mmm good). These lasted me a few days because ground meat packages are so big!
* roast potatoes, broccoli, jerk chicken
* vegetarian mulligatawny stew
* minestrone soup
* pasta with stir fried chicken and veggies
On Friday’s I’ve been enjoying meals out with classmates

My housemate has a big celebration going on here tomorrow so I’ve been working like mad to empty my part of the fridge but in a few days it will be time to get back into my meal planning. I’m leaning towards a few more veggies, a little less meat and sticking to my $100/wk for everything but rent. I’ve already made a sizable dent in this weeks budget by going to a play, a storytelling session and a contra dance but fortunately I’m enjoying the challenge. That, and my freezer stash is fairly healthy right now!

Have a good week!


meal plan for the week

October 4, 2009

Last week my meal planning was a gong show.  I forgot about things I already had and wanted to use up and I forgot my shopping list EVERY time I went out.   The whole week was strange – I had trouble sleeping, was over tired and by the end of the week a little sour.  I even ate out on Friday night and Saturday night.  Surely it was more than the wet, rotting leaves outside that were affecting me.

This week I pledge to do better so today I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen.  I cooked up beans, made corn bread, minestrone soup and then tonights dinner of jerk chicken, broccoli and quinoa.  I also made some welsh cakes for my lunches and pulled some extra ginger cookies out of the freezer.  Later in the week I’ll need to get more apples and grapefruit but right now there’s no room in my part of the fridge.  For the rest of the week I’m planning to make:

  • bean salad, green salad and corn chips (vegan)
  • turkey tacos
  • minestrone soup with corn bread (vegan)
  • chicken casserole bake (chicken with tomatoes, onions, peppers and pasta)
  • pizza!
  • fish, potatoes and green beans

To help me with my shopping I’ve started using a mini note-book with tear out pages that a friend gave me.  It stays in my purse and should be a lot easier to keep tabs on then my random pieces of paper from before.


meal plan

September 14, 2009

I started doing weekly meal plans long before meeting Kevin so that I would have a few days break from each type of food.  It was a way of trying to cope with all the food sensitivities I had been building up.

To accommodate my after school/work activities I’d have a loose description of what things were okay for each day of the week and when I lived in Nanaimo my Wednesdays usually included a salad with a variety of bean sprouts, and some version of tofu.  I remember because I had to make sure it was something my friend who came to town every Wednesday could eat and he was a vegetarian who really liked tofu.

I no longer stick to such a regimented diet but I do like to plan for the week ahead so that I don’t waste food or end up eating junk because I’m too hungry to think of something good.  For the past couple of months Kevin has been doing most of the food planning but now that I’m away from him and our home I’ll have to do this food planning thing on my own.  Yesterday I loaded up on staples and ingredients for the following meals:

Sunday – salmon with corn on the cob and broccoli.  (According to my old diabetic food chart, corn is more of a starch than a vegetable and since Kevin can’t enjoy corn I thought I’d try it while I’m out on my own and it’s still in season)

Monday – chicken tacos with homemade seasoning, salsa and lettuce

Tuesday – chick pea salad with stir fried veggies and almonds

Wednesday – zesty garlic pasta from How it all Vegan with chicken and broccoli (because I would have paid the same price for 1 stalk as I did for 3)

Thursday – tomato lentil soup (this might be adapted from HIAV) and maybe some bannock

Friday – jerk chicken from Grazing, quinoa and tbd vegetable

Saturday – pizza!

I also plan to make more crackers from Grazing and perhaps some berry bundles from Vive le Vegan.

Here’s for another string of warm days and some great food for the third week of September!