March 13, 2009

dscn1915The other night I brought home my first batch of glazed pottery.  I thought it was rather cool that all the bowls fit concentrically but I have a lot to learn about glazing.  I tried experiementing a bit more this time and while the results were ok I have to say that my marbled one is a surprising favourite.


The clear glaze had a much better effect than I expected and the False Creek Shino on the outside rim and the inside looks much better than I had anticipated.



  1. I love that stripped one. Wonderful!

  2. How pretty! I like the big one best!

  3. Congrats on bringing home your first batch! What a feeling, eh? The first thing that caught my eye was that marbling greenish-blue you’ve got going on there. Isn’t glazing so wonderfully surprising? I’d love to see the bowls in a flash-less/natural lighting so I can really see the colors you achieved. I love how you’re never quite sure how they’ll come out of the kiln, and how it is all about experimenting. Imagine if there was no surprise factor and we always knew what we would get? Kind of like having babies – the best part is the not knowing. In fact, my instructor refers to his pieces as his babies – and it’s pretty true. Keep on going, looking forward to seeing more!

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