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kiddy clothes

January 8, 2009

There definitely has been a baby boom in the past few years and on occasion I’ll find myself making things in celebration.  The occasions are rare because I have a hard enough time getting my own projects done!

A few years ago I was keen to make quilts.  My ma and grandma collaborated to make a wonderful quilt when I was a baby and  I still use it if I’m sick or taking a rare nap on the couch.  I so love that quilt and I thought I should share with those who might not otherwise having something like it to treasure.  Little did I know how much work they entail!

I stopped production of quilts for other people’s children at  four.  For a while  I stopped  making or giving anything!  On Sunday I tried something simpler: edited-shirts

I’m loving the sweet deal on baby shirts at MEC and that I get to use some favourite scraps of fabric out of my stash – the leaves are for twin boys who were born in the summer and the birdie for a 3 month old girl.  I do like the shirts but I don’t know how long I’ll stick with them.  I’m much more in favour of something that will get used for years to come. Unfortunately felted dolls and bean bags aren’t really suitable for infants. I think I’m going to need to do some brainstorming before the next baby arrives – any week now!