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reflecting on 09 and pondering 2010

January 3, 2010

New Year’s resolutions have never been my thing but Heather and Granola Girl have captured me with their reflections on 2009 and their hopes for the year ahead. I always thought September was more my time of year but suddenly I’m in the mood to take a look backwards and forwards.  There were some significant changes in 2009 and so many yet to be defined in 2010.

sewing on the beach

In 2009 I took care of a few items on my bucket list:
– learned how to use the pottery wheel (it was so good to use my bowls when I was home for Christmas!)
– starting this blog
– training for triathlon
– trying dragon boating
– going to Glacier National Park in Montana
– dipping candles
– visiting New England
– going back to school for teacher training
– getting involved in the (Vancouver) Olympics – I dreamed of volunteering at the games but the logistics didn’t work out and carrying the torch was closer than I ever imagined I’d get

Olympic toch relay

Plans are already in place for a few more items to come off the list in 2010:
– attending the Olympics (I still regret that I didn’t go to Sidney where I knew 10 people who were participating!)
– finishing teacher training
– starting a new career
– taking a cross Canada road trip

tenting on Maui

There are some things I’m really proud of from last year but need to go a step further with this year so I can truly say I love this life!

Getting fit. Getting into a cycling and swimming routine last year was great but it took a lot of work for me to get to the point where I enjoyed it (and these were both sports I loved when I was in public school and university). Then I lost momentum when I spent half of the summer without my bike and away from a pool. I’m not sure that triathlon competition will fit into the plans this year but I need to get back on the fit routine so I can enjoy hiking, photography, and whatever 2010 has in store for us. I think the key here is to remind myself of why I want to get fit and starting my day with exercise.

Glacier NP - view from the E!

A decade or so ago I went so far as to run a few nights a week so I could develop the endurance to hike longer and higher. If I could handle that, surely I can handle a few pilates, swimming and yoga sessions a week now!

artful attempt at shore protection

Finding rhythm. I know that I need to get to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and do more with my day but I can’t believe how hard it is to do when my days aren’t jam packed with activities outside of the house or something to proove in a competition. I’m hopeful that regular glimpes at this post will help keep me on my game but I’m also going to need to find a way to limit my time on-line. The rhythm I’m still struggling to find needs to squeeze my computer time out but make space for fitness, socializing, sleep and healthy eating so I can be ready for a summer of outdoor exploration.

silhouette at big rock

Doing what I love. Taking leave from the career I felt was destroying my soul was a big move last year but finishing my training and starting afresh are going to be big too. There are still a lot of questions about where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing seven months from now and beyond but the most critical thing for me is it to find what I love no matter what situation we end up in. That means being open to whatever our future holds and rediscovering the outdoor activities we enjoy but haven’t done much of lately. I also need to be open to enjoying new things and doing what it takes to love the work I’m doing.

Kev on the slackline

Having goals are a big help and so this year, I resolve to get outside, get to bed early, get fit and love life. Have a great 2010!



May 5, 2009

Wow, I’ve become quite the inactive blogger lately!  I hardly noticed how quickly the time had passed until I looked at the date of my last post.  Oops.  And I still have some Maui info to get to.  Today though I wanted to write a bit about what I’m focusing on these days – making time for the things that are important for me.  The net result has been less time on the computer but with the recent arrival of spring I hardly think it’s a bad thing!

Triathlon Training. For a few months now I’ve been dedicated to getting out for my triathlon training sessions (except when injury and work out of town have gotten in the way).  My biking and swimming are progressing well but running is a different story… I haven’t done one since right before I hurt my knees and I’m a little frightened of trying now since my knees still get ouchy when I walk for very long.  There’s no way I want to give up on this important piece to regaining my physical health so for the forseable future,  Tuesday and Thursday evenings will continue to be training.  I’m hoping to add some weekend rides outside too!

Getting Adequate Sleep. I don’t know why this is so darned hard to do!  I used to go to bed early and get up early but that seems like so long ago.  One thing that has really has helped is “putting my computer to bed” at 9pm.  It’s been a hard one to stick to but I feel so much better today after going to bed at 9:30 last night!

Preparing Healthy Food.  The last two days have been exceptions where we’ve eaten at other peoples houses but generally we’re taking more time to plan healthy meals, reduce the need for trips to the store and making our own nibblies.  This hasn’t been as big of a change as I thought it would be and I’m so much happier eating my own crackers and tortillas like in my starving student days.

I’m also planting another veggie garden and at lunch today I figured out what is going where.  Now to get some more compost and plant those seeds!

Learning More about Waldorf. I’ve been helping with a playgroup on the weekends since February and in March I started a distance course on the spiritual science of things.  I’m loving that I’m constantly learning but I’m still struggling to make time for all the readings I know I should be doing.   I’ve also started painting or drawing once per week.  My time in the classroom is making me feel more confident about the decision I need to make about school next year and the anthroposophy studies are helping me sweep out the cobwebs that collected during the 5+ years that I decided to stop paying attention to my gut.  Both are adding good doses of optimism for each day and the years ahead.

Maintaining Relationships. Sometimes life can seem so busy it’s hard to make time for getting together for friendship and shared interests.  This is the first thing I “dropped” when I started doing school things earlier this year but I’m making sure it’s a little higher up the pecking order now.  A good friend and her son came to visit this past weekend, K and I celebrated birthdays  with my sister yesterday and in 2 weeks we’re going to see my Sasquatch relatives.  And hopefully M and I will be able to get together this week or next for some crafting.  I find social interaction can really energize me so I need to make time for this… it helps me get some of the other things done too!  The healthy food and early to bed part are also working wonders for my relationship with Kevin;)

Finding Time for “Me”. This really overlaps with everything else but it also means making time for some of the things I love which I haven’t yet mentioned, especially textile crafts.  I’ve barely done any sewing in the past year but in this last month I’ve done two things, both which required binding.  I’m not sure why I would go for things like that since sew on binding is a pain in the arse!  Hiking and camping fit here too.

Getting organized.  With my sister-in-laws finally moving out on their own we’ve had the opportunity to downsize our collection of stuff a bit.  It’s always nice to be able to help others out with the stuff we don’t need and since we’re planning for a move and eventually a tiny house now seems like as good a time as ever to get rid of stuff we don’t need.  It’s been so nice to have such eager recepients and soon we’ll be making donations to the local Sally Ann and freecycle too.

So that in a nutshell is how I’m spending my time these days.   More and more of it is outside too.  Yay!


photos – part 1

April 27, 2009

Now that I’ve gotten all this Waldorfy news out of the way it’s time for photos from our trip. I only realized when using my camera for the painting photo that we took photos of us and our gear before we left.04-maui-photos-2


I admit that I often forgot there was a camera around but between the two of us we were able to snap some shots to remind us of our trip.

In our first beach day we headed to Big Beach on the recommendation of friends who were on the island a month earlier.  This beach was stellar but it was definitely one of the more popular stellar beaches.  The locals were reporting the trade winds to be stronger than usual but memory tells me this was the first pleasantly windy beach we found – the others on the north shore and even in Kihei, just a short distance north of Big  Beach were too windy for our liking.

Our favourite beach in Maui was in our least favourite town if you can call it that.  Before I was born my folks made a trip to Hawaii and while they were on Maui they stayed in Ka’anapali.  The tourist map indicated it was the first master-planned resort community in the US.


Kevin at Big Beach

Urban planning is definitely one of my interests but the “master planned” part makes me laugh and frustrates me at the same time.  Sure most of the guests have views of the ocean from their room and easy access to the beach but I’m not a fan of that kind of tourism.  It quite irritates me actually.

maui-s210_041509_00921Countless times we’d come across teenagers talking on their cell phones to their friends that were only a few feet away.  And of course, the developers of these sites wanted grass everywhere so there’s quite a bit of soil (from erosion) and chemical going straight into the ocean.  I definitely don’t like that.  The waves though were great.

maui-s210_041509_0093On our last day we returned to this place and while there were still a lot of beach breaks we went further out and floated on the 6 foot waves and dove under the ones that broke further out.  I still need to finish up the roll of film in the underwater camera to get photos from our play in the water but here are ones of both of us and the eroded beach from when we first visited Ka’anapali.


fit fun

March 1, 2009

I’m finally getting back on track with my training.  It turns out that combo of overdoing it in workout and then walking 5+ km on concrete in studded boots resulted in ouched MCL’s.

My sister had the same kind of injury a decade or so ago and I remember it took her a long time to recover.  On the positive side, her determination to get better lead her to triathlon and she’s the most fit she’s ever been now.  I can handle that!

I’m doing my stretches and working at getting stronger on the bike.  Intensity doesn’t seem to be a problem but my knees aren’t quite stable enough for being out of the saddle but at least they don’t hurt all the time now.  And I’ve been doing pushups on the handlebars when everyone else is standing so at least I’m getting a variety.  I think it’s helping my breast stroke pull too actually.  I should probably hold off a while before adding the breast stroke kick but it’s all good.

Today was my first day back on the wall and while there’s no proof I thought I’d share this photo of me introducing a little man to the wall.  I’m sure M will post some of the true action shots later too.03-fun-fit