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time. to. enjoy. life.

March 25, 2011

There’s been a lot to reflect on over these past few weeks but getting outside, spending time with Kevin and making progress on some of my projects has been so satisfying.

Kevin and I have spent our weekends together and sharing activities ranging from creating a Nanaimo Bar facsimile that’s free of eggs and dairy to living outside on the beach to bike shopping. Oh, and so many heartfelt conversations too. It’s been such good medicine for my soul!

Here are a few of the highlights in picture form.

doll homework

our attempt at dairy and gluten free Nanaimo Bars

First camping trip of the season.  'Twas beautiful!

Bunnies on the run!



February 3, 2010

I learned to knit almost 15 years ago and it came so quickly and easily. Not so with crocheting.

I had always heard crocheting was hard on the wrist and mine are not what most people would call “good”. Between that and living so far from the two people I knew who could crochet I never saw the need to learn how. That could present a bit of a challenge should I wind up wanting to teach handwork down the road….

Thankfully my teacher training has included some basic crochet work. As you can see from the photo below, this new “art” hasn’t come easily to me. Granted, I was still wearing two velcro covered thumb splints when I was working on the blue one. Some blocking would improve the situation but this way I get a constant reminder of how far I’m going.

first attempts at crochet

My crocheting sister gave me the cutest apple cozy for Christmas two years ago – as a gag gift I think – and it’s been so useful that I’ve wanted to duplicate it for a while. I’ve tried following the patterns I can find on line but none of them are as beautiful. The purple little spiral I have going is the closest I’ve found so far. Should I succeed I’ll be sure to post a photo of the original and my creation.