After years of watching friends develop their on-line communities through their blogs, I finally took the plunge in January of 2009.

At that time I was just starting to take action on a new direction that would release me from me from my stuckness. I needed to move away from feeling stuck in a job that ate at my soul, stuck living in a community where success was measured with “stuff” and stuck, far from the mountains, the ocean, and my family in a place where all the houses looked the same.

My situation is far from unique but after years of increasing friction against the status quo I was burning for a change. By late 2008 I’d figured out a new direction and in early 2009 I started taking baby steps towards something different.

More than a year later, I’m ready to make my way back towards family and the ocean rimmed and mountainous province that I love. I’ve shed the office job, finished my formal training, and in the fall will begin my first year of class teaching in my favourite Waldorf school.

I’m thankful for the love and support of my friends and family on this journey and most especially my partner Kevin who is now eagerly anticipating the fun we’re going to have!

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