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a few of my paintings

February 20, 2010

Wow, I’ve been horrible with photos and info on my teacher training. I downloaded some photos of the painting work I did in the fall and it’s high time I shared it! Nothing too earth shattering but a learning and growing process none the less.

catching up on photos of fall 2009 paintings.

catching up on photos of fall 2009 paintings..

catching up on photos of fall 2009 art

More recently we experimented with our adult interpretations of the early parts of the Hebrew creation story. This painting exercise was so liberating and exciting for me – I’m even pleased with the result. I don’t expect I’d want to lead grade three students in flicking water across their page but you never know;)

hebrew creation story - feb 10

hebrew creation story part 2 feb 10


artsy evening

October 8, 2009

We had a big paper due today but as we’re finishing our block tomorrow it felt like I had such freedom in what to do tonight.  I had the house to myself and was feeling tired so I watched more online shows than I should have while also getting some other things off my to do list:

Making and writing thank you cards


Finishing my first Waldorf doll – a baby really.  Our teacher actually sewed up the bodies and the skin fabric; we stuffed and did all the sewing that is visible on the outside.  There’s more of that hand stitching that it looks – gathering at the hands, feet, waist and neck and then of course making the hat.  It didn’t take that long but having to wait two days to be able to finish it up was surprisingly difficult.  I’ll take sewing over essay writing any day!

Waldorf baby

Have a great turkey weekend!



July 26, 2009

I arrived at the centre for my Waldorf summer intensive three weeks ago  after “hitching” a ride with 3 folks from the Montreal area.  My French n’est pas bien and it was interesting to try and understand some of the French conversations.  I think I did alright though.

Anyways, we got to the campus, I found my room, met my roommate and promptly went to bed.  I didn’t sleep very well that first night and had a really hard time with the food that first day.  My diet wasn’t very well understood and our location made it extremely difficult to get out and get some healthy food for my stash.  I worked in the kitchen too but wasn’t at all involved involved in preparing the meals.   I know it was one of the worst versions of myself that I shared the first day and as awful as that was, it was also good to have a reminder of how fragile the balance is.

07 adapting 1

Things did get better; much, much better in the subsequent days and weeks.  I survived mostly on salads,  potato chips and seeds for that first week with just a few problems.  I took a class with the folks I’ll be studying with in the fall and enjoyed meeting others in our morning activity, at meals and in the kitchen.  Clean up after meals was actually a lot of fun too once I got over being absent from the food prep.

In the second and third week I did something kind of silly and completely filled my timetable.  With my food problems mostly solved I thought it would be alright but I was so tired by the end of the first week and I really didn’t catch up until Monday of the next week.  I’m definitely still tired now that I’m home but we had a good restful day and despite my flights, yesterday was pretty relaxing too.  All in all it was a good three weeks and if I wasn’t so tired I would probably write more!

07 adapting


craving art!

April 25, 2009

While I was away my art supplies arrived at the in-laws and I’ve so been looking forward to playing with the paint and making my first attempts at drawing.  At the pace I’m going at it’s really going to be hard to get all my readings done for my anthroposophy course.  Oops!

I had really thought I would do some reading during our trip but 30 pages was about all I could manage.  Ocean waves are so mesmerizing and the 12 1/2 hours of daylight didn’t leave much time for enjoying a book outdoors.  I did the most reading as a way to calm down after seeing so many creepy crawlies outside of our tent on the last night.  I’m good with most bugs but I’d never seen that many beetles and sow bugs and I’d be quite happy to avoid a similar situation again.  Instead of falling swiftly into dreamland I was moderately freaking out about them being in all our gear or inside the tent.  Reading definitely helped.

Despite my lack of reading I feel like I learned so much on all fronts during our trip and I’m really looking forward to the days when my occupation brings me to such an active learning environment on a regular basis.  I’m also excited about painting for “real” in the next few days.

I now have the “basic” set of colours: golden and lemon yellow; crimson and vermillion red, ultramarine and prussian blue.  I’m also on the lookout for a used chalkboard so I can try my hand at drawing on a larger surface.  Waldorf classrooms look so amazing in part because of the artwork teachers are able to come up with for the black boards.  Bright colourful chalk helps and now I have some of that too.  I think it’s going to take me a while to build back my drawing skills, thus why I’m wanting to start now!

I purchased a recorder a few months back so that I could figure out the melodies to some songs in books I borrowed from the school here.  I don’t remember enjoying the recorder when I was in grade 4 but I love it now.  It was so hard to be without it during vacation but the opportunity to try the kinder harp for the first time certainly made up for it.  In the kindergarten the teacher used it to create light, soothing music to help the children prepare for their afternoon nap.  I didn’t know what I was doing but I was able to make up some pretty nice melodies.  That pentatonic scale makes musical experimentation so easy and satisfying!

I’ve got a lot of things to do this weekend but here is a photo from my first art experiment – I’ll be writing out the words to one of the new songs we’re using in playgroup so that it’s easier for the parents to follow along.


It’s really interesting to see how the colour moves on the paper.  I changed this painting a number of times – creating the green on the outside and then unpainting some of it so that the green didn’t look so solid.

I don’t claim that it’s beautiful bt it was fun to do and definitely a nice start.  I’m going to try another one with a yellow wash across the page first.  I’ll have to wait and see what happens!


everybody needs art

April 1, 2009

I came across Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall’s books online only a few weeks ago but they sounded so good!  Their books are from the 70’s and are unlike most of the children’s books I’ve seen.  Most of the children’s books found in Waldorf stores are from Europe and I really like how these are from a little closer to home – the southwestern US.  Not quite where we travelled in the fall, but close.  The author writes about the more important things in life – nature, imagination, family and creativity.  The sample pages I viewed on-line featured amazing desert styled drawings.

Today I finally made a trip to the bookstore to pick up “everybody needs a rock“.  At first I was disappointed that there was so much less colour inside than on the cover but it didn’t take long to recognize how beautiful and inspiring the drawings are.

Looking at the book convinced me that I just had to get started painting.  I’ll still be getting paint from Ontario (since Stockmar is so hard to find) but I was able to pick up a few sheets of watercolour paper, a paint brush and water soluble wax pastels.  I tried them in the store and they were definitely cool so we’ll see.

Kevin just started on dinner – Annie’s bhangra burritos.  I can’t wait to try them and then start mucking around with colour and water!