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packing = sewing

August 23, 2009

Before I finish packing for school I need to finish sewing since I won’t be taking my machines with me.  First, a baby gift for a good friend.  I just fancied up a MEC shirt.  I did the cutting and pinning while visiting with the in-laws to make sure I’d have a chance to get it done before I go.
baby t

Then since I liked what my cousins made for back to school (in JULY) so much, I had to follow suit and make my own pencil (sewing) case.  I knew I would line it and put in an off-set zipper because I prefer not to have things roll away.  When I came across the tutorial Heather at ‘beauty that moves” used for her cash envelopes I knew it was just the thing.  I cut and pinned the fabric at the in-laws too and finally had time to put this one together last night.  I made a few changes to accommodate the off-set zipper but generally worked from this tutorial.

sewing kit

The case is packed with my hand sewing essentials: measuring tape, different types of needles, thread, embroidery floss, thimble, scissors and a seam ripper for school and evening projects.  (I’ll also take some needle felting and knitting work with me but I’m trying to pack light and fit everything into my 2 bags.)

Heather has made some other things I really like including bulk bags.  Last year I cut out muslin for last minute Christmas bags that never got made so I decided to reassign them to bulk bags.  Washing and re-washing flimsy plastic bulk bags really gets my goat.  I wish I’d come up with this solution earlier.   Nearly everything in our pantry is in a container unless it came in a ziploc style bag so these are just what we need for hauling home dry beans, wild rice, quinoa, millet, lentils etc. While these aren’t as pretty as Heather’s I’m so glad to be giving up a few more plastic bags.

bulk bags

There’s another baby due to arrive shortly after I leave so I still need to finish up some things there but my serger, which did fine with the bulk bags isn’t so happy now.

That in a nutshell is what I’ve done today.  I just need to make and attach the binding to my quilt and I’ll be ready to go… from a sewing perspective anyways!


I’m still here!

August 19, 2009

It’s been a busy few weeks trying to finish things off here and pack for school.  I’ve written a few posts but I haven’t been home enough to turn on Kevin’s computer and add photos to my posts.  Soon!


hello and goodbye

August 17, 2009


This past weekend Kevin and I made another trip to the mountains – our last one for the summer:(

Again we took a rather passive approach to planning for our weekend but we had one twist – we needed to transport my sister, a friend and their bikes between mountain towns on Saturday evening.  That limited our hiking options somewhat but with Kevin’s knee acting up on our last trip it was just fine.  We had looked at a few options for where to hike but when we drove by Bow Lake we decided to dismiss our other “plans” and hike up to the waterfall instead.  (We’d viewed the lake, falls and glacier while atop Cirque Peak a few years earlier and many folks recommended taking a walk up to the falls.)

k and falls

The hike was alright… not too exciting, but that is the way I usually feel about valley hikes in the mountains.  The views just aren’t as nice as from above.  Despite my slow pace, I still really enjoy the ups that come from working my way up to a ridge.  The terrain closer to the falls was certainly more enjoyable than the roots and puddles near the beginning but time in the mountains is time in the mountains so I’m not really complaining.


Our timing was perfect to go meet up the cyclists at the appointed hour but only a few minutes into our drive we found them.  Silly me thought that pulling into the next pull out (in the bottom of a dip) would be mean so we drove a bit further to one that wasn’t immediately followed by an uphill.  Apparently the dip near where we saw them was nothing.  I can believe it!

We fed them and chatted and then we were all on our way.  The cyclists arrived shortly after.  There was much conversation on the drive back to Jasper and now I feel almost as though I’ve ridden that highway myself!

e and bikes

After dropping the girls off we headed out to find a place to camp and wound up at the overflow again.  There was much more room this time but sadly, there were generators running most of the night.  I just don’t get how people think that it’s alright to do that.

On Sunday morning we went into town to start our lazy morning and at the appointed hour met up with Granola Girl for the first time.  We had a wonderfully leisure afternoon at the lake where we learned we have even more in common than we had originally thought. Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos of our visit. We did have fun though and I look forward to spening more time with her and her family.


so nice to be home *photo added*

August 10, 2009

I did have a good time away but it’s so nice to be home.  I’m sure Kevin’s glad for it too.  He did so much work while I was gone so of course I was an extra happy camper when I got here.

We’ve had ongoing issues with rodents in our garden and right after I left Kevin set to work constructing a vole-proof fence.  Shortly after the fence was constructed a wicked storm blew through and pummeled a lot of the new growth but it would seem that we’ve got some resilient vegetables.  I can hardly believe the change over the past two weeks and last week we got our first two cherry tomatoes!

vole proof fence for my garden!

A new first is flowers on the bean plants.  I’d say the fence is definitely working because no other set of shoots has had the opportunity to grow to this stage without being cut off and dragged away.

Kevin also made sure the plants were watered and started on the construction of a new gate on the downhill side of our yard by cementing in a gate post.  Before I left neighbours replaced some of the fence posts between our yards and rather than re-install our nasty chain link gate we started talking about building a replacement.  The space we have to work with is a little odd because if we keep the gate the same height as the fence the gate will appear almost square.  We’ll also have to figure out a way to latch it by either adding something to the existing fence or adding a new post.

Other surprises that I returned home to included clean dishes, a fully vaccuumed house and freshly trimmed grass.  Yes, it’s great to be home.  And instead of holding this post for another two weeks I’m just going to go without photos.