clay play

February 25, 2009

Well, I forgot my camera tonight on my way to class and once I got there I totally lost track of time.  I had 7 pots to glaze, 4 to trim and one mug to make a handle for as we were all under the impression that there were only 2 classes left.  (It turns out we have 3.)

I also wanted to try the techniques Krista introduced me to on her blog.  That sort of flopped because I didn’t wedge my clay well enough and was short on time but I still had fun.  I’m looking forward to seeing my pots in 2 weeks but I still have to figure out some small hand building projects for that class.

I’ve always wanted to have my own tiles but I won’t have time to paint them up all fancy so I was thinking of perhaps trying some chimes.  I’m open for suggestions though!


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  1. Oh, I love the idea of tiles. I’ve seen some amazing ones. But if you’re worried about not enough time for glazing them, I like the chimes idea, too. Or how about just a coil or pinch pot, or line the inside of a bowl with plastic (to prevent sticking) and press in some clay. Then press in a stamp design along the edges, or make up your own… Let the clay totally dry inside the bowl. These turn out beautifully.

    Or a nice little project is hand built candle holders. My friend made some balls of clay (about golf ball sized) and shaped them into smooth “rock” shapes that sit nicely on a table, and then made an impression in each one with the end of a candle (make the whole a little bigger to allow for shrinkage). They were really pleasing to the eye, held a candle perfectly, and were so easy to make. Or you could do any style of candle holder by hand building, press in shells or leaves for a pattern…

    There is so much inspiration on line, too. Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you’re making!

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