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a weekend full of inspiration

October 25, 2009

My apologies for not having any photos for these past few posts.  I’ve been leaving my camera at home more often than I would like but the activities I’ve been doing aren’t so conducive to photography and I certainly wouldn’t want to post photos of others without their consent.

Photos or not, I think it’s worth sharing what I was up to on the weekend.  I went to a grrrrreat coffee house on Friday night.  There was music from the decade before my birth, songs I enjoyed when I was a teenager, some original songs and some others I had never heard before (but have in the rotation now).  It was a fun night and it got me thinking that I really need to play more than the recorder.  I like being able to sing while I play which is why I have the lyre, but without the sharps and flats it’s hard to play much more than old folk tunes.  I think when I go back home at Christmas I’m going to have to pick up the guitar again.

When I first moved to Alberta it was mid-way through the hockey season so I took advantage of the extra time in my schedule and picked up a guitar.  I really like finger-style guitar and figuring out how to play songs I like by ear.  I started to learn some finger style but found it so confusing so mostly I would figure out how to pick the melody and strum the chorus.  The last time I did that was 4 years ago though!  Somewhere in the house there will be the notebook where I wrote out the lyrics and some of the notes of some Corb Lund and Johnny Cash tunes.  So yeah, Friday night has reinspired me to get more musical.  And the poem about the television can only help!  I didn’t have a tv that first winter in Alberta and I often wish I didn’t know that I could watch shows on-line.  Life without the tv is so much sweeter but for some reason I keep losing sight of that!

The other thing I did on the weekend was Contra Dancing.  I went to one when I was doing my Waldorf intensive in the summer and was inspired to look and see what is offered in this city.  Sure enough, there are regular dances and the folks who turn up are welcoming of novices.

Some of the steps come from square dancing (I think that’s the correct origin for do-si-do) and country dancing and as you move around, switching partners all the way through, the sense of community and shared experience grows.  It helps that there is lovely live music to dance to too!

As with my first dance I wore my birkenstocks.  They’re a little tricky to dance with but at the end of the week I’ll be meeting up with Kevin and in addition to some great time together I’ll also get to pick up some necessities such as dance shoes!

In closing, I’m so happy that I had a social weekend and found extra inspiration to get playing music, turning off the “tv” and dancing.  And I’m also looking forward to spending the coming weekend with Kev!