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i <3 cbc

May 13, 2009

After years of pleading with my mom to turn off the talk radio you can imagine the surprise when my mom called to ask about *something* her friends had heard on the radio.

At the time I was living on the Queen Charlotte’s where the only other radio choice was available in the next town over.  I’d been a regular listener to the audio books show when driving home from construction sites at my job the year before but that was it.  Country radio (yikes!) was my first preference back then.

One day when I was working in the office I heard a story that touched me quite deeply and I felt compelled to respond.  My letter was read on air (first surprise) and then I started hearing from my mom about her friends that had heard my submission.

I guess you could say that hearing that story solidified my interest in CBC radio.  Back then I don’t think there were many of us in our mid-20’s who were keen on Radio 1.

When Kevin and I met I was back listening to country and we had completely different opinions of what was “music”.  We turned to CKUA and CBC and CBC has stuck.  Our list of favourite musicians that we both like is longer now too.:)

I’ve been listening to the concert on demand tunes for one of our favourite artists for most of the week and I’m so grateful for this great service from CBC Radio 2 and the folks on “the in crowd” for introducing me to T. Nile.  (“The in crowd” gives their best entertainment choices for the weekend every Thursday night on Radioactive, the afternoon show for our local CBC Radio 1.)

I didn’t get to see the show the “in crowd” was plugging (it was already sold out) but lucky for me she was back a few months later for Folk Fest.  Her CD has been in our folk music rotation for nearly a year now and in lest than a month her new album, an EP will be released.  Woohoo!

I way overplayed her first CD so its been nice to hear a more acoustic version of my favourite song and a few new ones as well – including the cabin song that mentions welsh cakes, faeries and berries.

Enjoy the music and have a great weekend!