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i love to sew!

July 2, 2014

Ah, summer! I love that it’s been so hot and that I’ve had so much to do outside so I can be sure to enjoy it! There’s the garden to water, all the landscaping prep that fills our weekends, and lots of outdoor living space to enjoy. I love it!

I got a bit too much sun yesterday so in an attempt to prevent a burn I switched my focus towards sewing this afternoon. You see, back in September I made my first knit shirt. As wearable muslins go it’s great: the double knit cotton is buttery soft and the pattern really does fit me well. The problem? I find cotton too cold in our damp winters so I hardly wear it. Next stop, wool!

When I look at what I wear to work and at home there is a consistent element… knit wool. Not the heavy stuff that I like to knit between two needles but the light, washable merino knit tops like Smartwool, Icebreaker and Ibex make. I wear them so much that two of my heaviest ones have become threadbare.

All winter long I thought I’d make the Renfew again out of wool but then I realized, what I’d really like is another dress or two. When it comes down to it, knit dresses are what I’m happiest in except that finding ones that fit well is a nightmare. Then they never come lined so there’s that whole business of wearing a slip. So not my thing!

But what dress? My own hack of a Sewaholic Renfrew? Kwik Sew 3873? Cake’s Tiramisu? Cake Sewing’s Red Velvet? Before I could decide things got way too busy with the whole house building thing.

Fast forward to the end of June and I was ready to try sewing wool. After three years of heavy use my faithful leggings were beyond mending and patching and luckily I was able to find a cheaper, light weight 100% wool in a colour I liked. I knew I could trace off of my Smartwool pair but it seemed like the perfect time to try a Cake Sewing Pattern.

Sure, leggings are pretty simple but the custom fitting that Cake Patterns get such rave reviews for seems to work. Now just to decide whether I can live with the centre front seam of the tiramisu or if I want to try something else. I do so love the drape of a half circle skirt and the bodice/sleeve patterning sure looks nice.

It is so nice to have such simple and (relatively) inexpensive decisions to make!