a brief history of me and bikes – part 2

July 6, 2011

solstice… one of my favourite times of year. It’s usually a rather calm and contemplative time behind the excitement of season that is about to unfold. Solstice, and the days leading up to it were rather unusual this year. My body was in knots from a stressful end to the school year and my immediate trip south for a course. Luckily there was some excitement in there too for on summer solstice 2011 I met my new bike.

my sweetpea

I did indeed opt to go with Natalie’s beautiful bike made to my size specifications with a few other tweaks – bars as prescribed by my fitter, half and half pedals as desired by me, and sram rather than shimano components because sram hoods fit my hands better.

The most difficult part for me to decide on? The paint colour! For weeks I toiled over the possibilities and just couldn’t decide. Finally I decided that I really liked the green of my sister’s old find and went with what I thought was the closest – limetime pearl.

the bike:)

I was a bit worried about how the colour would look in person but it was wasted energy. I think it’s beautiful and it seems many other cyclists out there do to. I’ve received compliments throughout Portland, Seattle and Vancouver as well as remarks about how much it looks likes a Schwinn Varsity. I saw a couple when I was sans camera and I have to agree.

cycling part of the historic Columbia River Highway

I’ve spent the past two weeks exploring new terrain and getting to know my solstice bike…

riding on Sauvie Island

approaching the tunnels

… and on the last day of our trip I finished making a cozy for her lock. I mean I have a cozy for my apple, so of course I need some of that cuteness to carry along with my bike, right?

yep, my bike lock has it's very own cozy.



  1. Looking so good! I love the colour… and of course the lock cozy! How very very exciting. I hope you enjoy this bike for many years to come.

  2. Thanks Annie! It was so great to be able to share the process of deciding on my bike when we were visiting. She had her babe on my birthday and as funny as it sounds, that sealed the deal for me!

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