wrist warmers – check

May 23, 2010

wrist warmers

Yippee, my wrist warmers are done! I got the knitting finished on Tuesday but it took me a few days to get around to sewing in the loose ends (my least favourite part of knitting). These wrist warmers were slow to take form, initially because of my injury and more recently because I’ve been striving for perfection and thus pulling out rows of work and starting again.

nearly done!

They’re quite snug – just the way I like them. I really hope that my current jacket will make it another winter so that my wrist warmers can look good for at least one winter. And as much as I like the snow the idea of a milder winter is sounding quite nice to me these days.

My stool is coming along nicely, my boxes went in the mail last week and since I am not camping this weekend, I’ll get working on how to make everything fit in my two pieces of checked luggage. So much for living small – I’m pretty sure I’ll have yet another box to put in the mail.

On a completely different note, we had some interesting homework this week and I actually liked the quick sketch I did so I thought I would share.

norse sketch



  1. I love love love that yarn colour!

  2. Nice work. Do you have pictures of your stool too?

  3. The stool is the big project and I have a few more things to do before I take the photo. Even then it won’t look that done because I’m going to wait and assemble it after we move.

  4. Alright. I shall have to be patient then. 🙂

  5. I LOVE the wrist warmers! Perfect color choice. I wish I could get the knitting thing down. Seems like such a great and practical talent to have. Well done!

  6. Thanks everyone. I knew that was the yarn I had to have when I found it too. The yarn choices are so much better now than when I learned to knit 15 or so years ago and there is way more actual wool.

    I like simple projects that I can can have handy during quiet moments such as when waiting for a class or meeting to start or when riding on the bus. I probably get more work done in those transition times than when I’m needing a quiet, meditative activity in the evenings or knitting with others.

    These wrist warmers are what I consider to be my most complicated knitting and then, mostly because of the tiny needles required.

    Knitting is fun but from my perspective, the most important this is that they be small and simple. Otherwise I never finish. Oh, and the hand dyed yarns available now mean simple doesn’t have to look boring!

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