couldn’t resist

May 2, 2010

By coincidence, Annie and I each got our new glasses last week. I had thought of posting a photo but when she shared photos with her wearing the same necklace as I wear everyday, I just couldn’t resist making a post.

So here I am in my new frames and wearing the very same necklace:

new glasses

I can’t tell you how much I loathe trying to find new glasses. There are so few frames that can fit my face and there’s so much junk out there too!

My old oaklies, that I bought because they were *supposed* to have some wrap (like my sunglasses) have held up well but after six years there are so many flakes of paint missing and the rubber over the ears is nearly gone. I was reluctant to switch but because of the nasty thick and flat lenses that were put in my old glasses they needed constant adjusting just to stay on my head. Annoying! Plus it was debatable how much longer they’d last.

I wanted to make use of my benefits before I lost them and it took me no less than 8 months to find a pair I could stand. These ones are pretty good but the ones I liked the most were more than $800! What the heck? And I’d have to pay for them upfront before the right colour could be brought in. That’s just a little too wild and crazy for me. Take that Orgreen!



  1. Glad to see you back! LOVE the glasses:)Did you make the necklace?

  2. I get comments on it all the time and I actually bought it from Avellana nearly 2 years ago. It’s on a silk thread with knots between each bead, just like the teething necklaces.

    Annie introduced me to the site years ago for soap nuts but I couldn’t resist the necklace.

  3. Wow, I hear you about how hard it is to find frames that fit. Here I thought my bill was outrageous this time around at $650 for my glasses. Most of the cost though went to my progressive lens. That’s one good thing about plastic frames, I suppose.

    Love your new look- with the glasses and the necklace!

  4. Nice!

    Great to be able to take advantage of those benefits while you can hey?

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