on the road

April 10, 2010

I love travelling, especially the kind where it feels like I’m actually living as a local but with way fewer things to worry about. In the past two months I’ve gone from the west coast to the kootenays and back to the west coast, back to Alberta and now back to school.

During the first part of the coastal trip, Kevin and I joined our families for a quick trip to the olympics. We were definitely more like tourists there but only because of the olympics, since we all have lived there at some point. We enjoyed ourselves at the women’s hockey game but it was even better to walk around the city and take in the red and white and all the special olympic activities. We did take some essential photos – from the game and then the flame both before and after the “safety” fence was modified. We also looked at some of the schools in the area in an attempt to narrow down our options for next year. After that we headed east for my practicum.

In the kootenays I would start my days at the school early and then come “home” to prep for the next day and make dinner. I loved being at that school and am so grateful for that opportunity to work on my teaching but I was especially impressed by the people. I also learned some new things and got to practice storytelling and drawing in the classroom. Prep, especially with the stories, took up most of my evenings so I didn’t have much extra time to explore other than on weekends but I enjoyed it all. I could have taken my camera out a million times or more but then I would have felt like a tourist. Besides, two dimensional photos wouldn’t come close to accurately portraying the sounds, smells, conversations or movement I soaked up there!

After a week there together Kevin had to return to work and then I was on my own at the hostel. Life there was great until two nights before I left when my computer mysteriously “disappeared”. Surprisingly I wasn’t upset about its disappearance as I was worried about how long it took for the replacement to arrive!

After my stint in the kootenays I drove a somewhat snowy route back to the mainland where I picked up Kevin once again. We went to take a closer look at one of the schools that we were initially drawn to because of its proximity to family. Surprisingly, the splendour surrounding it is competing with the kootenays. I never thought I’d see that day come! In many ways I’d prefer sun and snow to rain but being close to family and in an upbeat school community counts for a lot too. We’ll see what materializes since it’s still a while before most schools make their hiring decisions.


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