cbc radio love

February 16, 2010

It amazes me that I’m feeling compelled to write about music and my love for the CBC on this blog again. I haven’t been listening to near as much of either as I would like because I packed light (don’t have my own radio here) and everything seems to hike my internet costs. Twice in the past few weeks I’ve had the kitchen to myself and have been pleasantly surprised by what I’ve heard courtesy of CBC radio 2.

I was so amazed the first time because I was ready to sit down just as Canada Live with John Wort Hannam was starting. Have I ever mentioned that he’s my favourite musician? His story telling is amazing and his music warms my soul.

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing Church of the Long Grass – the first time I heard it was live after being evicted by the Blairmore blaze. There were some new songs in the set too and I’m still in shock that I didn’t know about, let alone own, his new album before the program. How did that happen?

A week later another episode of Canada Live came on and I got to hear Corb Lund (the first Alberta singer I actually enjoyed) and Ian Tyson. I remember going to some of Corb’s shows when I first moved to Alberta and wondering what was so special about this Ian dude. Times have changed. Four Strong Winds will always have a special place thanks to EFMF. Such good music and awesome reminders of “home”. Thank you CBC!



  1. Oh I love CBC Radio 2 as well…AND Corb Lund. We discovered him on DRIVE and had wanted to go see him when he was here, but being a single income family with a little guy…we decided to pass. Not next time though.
    I’m so thankful that we have the CBC. We really are fotunate in Canada to have that little gem.

  2. Yes we are so lucky! My mom thought I’d be upset I missed his gig in my home town but we were at a hockey game instead. It’s a good thing we bought our tickets before I went to school!

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