interesting observation

January 25, 2010

So… while I was hurt I ate a lot of oven fries since they were a quick and easy way to get potatoes into my diet and didn’t involve pain. One day in the grocery store I came across some surprising math:

something is wrong with this picture

or is it this one that is wrong

Two different labels, two similar fat contents (as measured in grams) but two very different reports on the percantage of the recommended daily fat allowance. Maybe they’re using different assumptions but it seemed like one of the parties might be guilty of false advertising. Just my thoughts anyways.



  1. I have often wondered that too. And also, for who is it a % of daily value? Men? Women? Kids?

  2. It is hard to know. Part of what surprised me most was that the two brands had nearly identical numbers for everything else so it seems strange that there’s such a discrepancy in one place. And both are Canadian products too. Sometimes the package will state what daily caloric intake they’re using but not always.

    On a different note, I sure hope their ingredient lists are more accurate!

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