the book

December 30, 2009

the book with leather ties

I wanted to hold off in sharing the photos of what I created for my brother-in-law until after Christmas and I nearly forgot to share them at all!

We learned a simple book binding technique with Japanese binding in school and while I still haven’t taken a picture of what I created there I made sure to document this project before it hopped on a jet plane. My brother-in-law and sister are both artists and when I was taking my urban design courses I learned that he’s can be quite a prolific sketcher. They both appreciate hand made and our exchange is strictly “second hand or hand made and it better be good” so I figured this project was safe. Plus it’s useable/consumable and those are rules I like to follow too.

inside cover of the book

This project took longer than I expected based on what I did at school but a big part of it was supplies. I wanted to fill it with sketch paper but made the spine to thick for what was left on my sketch pad and I lent my paper cutter out during the middle of my construction process. The book is by no means perfect but I’m confident it will be used. And if nothing else, I know my sister likes it!


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