i survived christmas

December 29, 2009

snowy trees

I didn’t have high hopes for Christmas this year – I usually don’t. I like the season of sleeping in, sewing, crafting, visiting with friends and relaxing with family but the commercialism, grouchy behavior and visual busyness wear me out. I have little tolerance for any kind of shopping at this time of year and if I need something I’ll usually get it when I need it. As a result I generally don’t see the need for giving or getting store bought “stuff”.

This year we hosted Kevin’s family and when we were all together in the summer the deal was that there were to be no gifts. I was surprised but thought it would be good… until last week when I learned that the rule had been overturned months earlier. Then there was the episode where the boxes of Christmas decorations from his folks storage unit made it to our house. There were a few tense moments but I think we found a suitable compromise. The ornaments and multi-coloured lights went on the tree at Kev’s sisters place and Kevin’s Christmas chain from grade one joined our gift basket, clear mini lights, stockings and the tree we picked up on Christmas eve.

the Christmas set up

I felt like I was coming off as enough of a grinch with the ornament thing but a material Christmas wasn’t really part of my plan so I decided I’d just go with stuff I already had. It was an easy decision to make since my thumbs weren’t cooperating with crafting and my status as a student means little extra money.

Fortunately Kevin was happy to say that the main things for his sisters were from both of us. I had made tapered candles for us which were easy to give to Kev’s parents instead and the chocolates I had managed to make the week before got wrapped up and given in stockings. Oh, and a friend led me to this site where I downloaded a photo for Kevin. He’s still deciding exactly which one I should print and I think he’s been having fun figuring out which one he likes the most.

Of course I wasn’t expecting much stuff for Christmas gift wise – I was happy to spend time at home with our friends and family. Kevin’s family gave me a few cool things but Kevin blew me away when he opted to get me a new Nikon S640 camera. I think I had even specified that I was going to make do with the half broken old one but I’m happy to report that I have fully accepted his gift.

snowy mustache

I’ve been snapping like crazy and am enjoying the quick response times, and the range of things I can take clear photos of. I imagine I’ll still have the battle between living in the moment and taking a photo but it’s going to be much more difficult to leave the camera at home now. Hopefully that means that more photos will be gracing these pages in the weeks and months to come too.

low level bridge crossing

I made it through the Christmas season and am enjoying some quieter days and a tonne more sleep before I head back to school.


One comment

  1. Yay for new cameras! That’s so excellent!

    I often felt like I was being made out to be a “grinch” with Cam’s family (by them and me!) when asking to not take part in the holidays like they wanted us to. I didn’t enjoy feeling that way and realised I didn’t have to! Over the years we’ve found clarity in what we wanted out of the holiday and I’ve shared that with family in a way that isn’t offensive or defensive. How they feel about our choices is up to them but we don’t compromise our values and wishes. Certainly helps that we’re not with family in the holidays unless they come here where we don’t do all that they’re used to. They can still do all that they want in their home, and we’ll probably wait for the season to be over to visit. I know I’m rambling with little point! Sorry!

    I hope next year you have NO gifts (if that’s what you want) and just enjoying each others company!

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