almost home

December 10, 2009

Today we finished our first semester of school with a little festival. It’s been a trying week. It seems that we all felt the pressure to create a great festival and of course there are a lot of other worries at this time of year as well.

In two days I’ll be home, reunited with Kevin for a good, long holiday. I’m so looking forward to some quiet time together and getting things done around the house too.

At the very least I need to make and mail a gift for my brother-in-law, sew the binding on my brown quilt, make four crayon rolls, finish a knitted sweater that’s been collecting dust for 4 or 5 years, paint the kitchen, clean out the closets, prepare for a party and for hosting Kevin’s family at Christmas. And I still want to spend time with everyone there too. I know the time will fly but I’m so glad I’ll have three weeks to try and do everything while staying calm and taking time for rest.

Here are some photos from corners of my temporary space.

warm calming light

a corner of my desk

plotting my next sewing adventure



  1. Don’t get too busy! You sure made Lily and Leif’s day with the package you sent! Thank you so much! I took a picture but it was awful! I’ve been meaning to take another. Enjoy your time at home!

  2. That card looks really religious for you L.

    I have been tempted to make those lovely crayon rolls myself but we have so many crayons and it doesn’t seem very space efficient for us.

    They are so cool though and the recipient of that gift will be very lucky. 🙂

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