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December 6, 2009

These past two weekends have been full of time with friends. I so cherish this part of the winter season.

Last weekend marked the 10 year “Water Girls Cookie Bake Reunion” and was it ever good!

Unlike the days of old where we would take a 2 hour study break during exams and cut cookies assembly line style, this years event consisted of a good deal of snacking, catching up, entertaining little ones and dinner on top of the cookie bake itself. We’ve had mini reunions when I’ve been out this way before but between weddings, brand new babies, mamas that are about to give birth and the limited time we have to be together they’ve all been rushed. It was so nice to relax and I think the mama’s really appreciated getting out and having help with their little ones. That and so much has changed within our group in the past year. We really needed this time together and I feel like we made the most of it.

This weekend, my socializing was with some of my current classmates. It started with dinner and sharing a new craft on Friday and then more of the same sort of thing yesterday. The trip to the yarn store on Saturday was so pleasant and then we had a cozy little dinner of left overs before moving onto folding kite paper window stars. We prepped a LOT of them for decorating our classroom!

We also got started on our new knitting projects all the while sharing some important things – from the challenges that led us here to the struggles we’re facing with some of what we’re meeting hear and also what our futures hold; what, in more detail has led us to this place, and how satisfying to our souls this evening togetherness has been. Yet again, some very important reminders of what’s important and plenty of heart felt smiles. Yes this time of year is definitely good!



  1. Yes it is. I find people in general are happier. Plus the cold weather drives us indoors.
    Looking forward to having your nearby again. I have missed our craft times.
    Want to got the reuse center again?

  2. There isn’t anything better than being together with those we love and who love us. Adding productivity to that and you’re golden.

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