artsy evening

October 8, 2009

We had a big paper due today but as we’re finishing our block tomorrow it felt like I had such freedom in what to do tonight.  I had the house to myself and was feeling tired so I watched more online shows than I should have while also getting some other things off my to do list:

Making and writing thank you cards


Finishing my first Waldorf doll – a baby really.  Our teacher actually sewed up the bodies and the skin fabric; we stuffed and did all the sewing that is visible on the outside.  There’s more of that hand stitching that it looks – gathering at the hands, feet, waist and neck and then of course making the hat.  It didn’t take that long but having to wait two days to be able to finish it up was surprisingly difficult.  I’ll take sewing over essay writing any day!

Waldorf baby

Have a great turkey weekend!



  1. This reminds me so much of the one I made for Anna a while back. Maybe I should make her one of these babies with my bamboletta leftovers. Pics coming soon. I am sorry!

  2. I really really like the cards you’ve made! How did you make them? You sure are making a lot of crafty things. Love it!!

  3. Thanks M – I did see your pics. I have yet to finish the head of my more realistic one and I started hand sewing the body on the weekend.

    Kat, I’m glad you like them. The one on the left is quite simply a wet on wet painting while I was distracted (so my head wouldn’t take over and try and create a form). It’s like what we teach the younger children. We’re more interested in the mood and feeling qualities of colour so by having liquid water colour paints on wet paper the colour goes where it wants. We individually have very little control. It’s amazing what the final products look like though. This is just a piece of what I did that day.

    The second card was my experiment with crayon and paint on dry paper. I’m thinking I should stick to wet on wet for a while yet!

    And speaking of crafty things we did a few woodworking things yesterday but I haven’t taken photos for a post yet. Soon though!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies.

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