October 6, 2009

Work on my sweater vest is progressing slowly, as expected.  I’m still moving ahead on it but I needed to take a bit of a hiatus last week so I could finish another project that was already on another set of needles.  The only knitting thing I brought her with me was a spring/fall tuque that was just needing the ends finished but I decided that the brim was way to wide.  I decided to try knitting from the top down and by knitting through a telephone conversation, lunch break and the walk home from school I finished this:

new hat

From start to finish, the revamped hat took a smidgen more than a day and was readyjust in time for my day in the nursery school.  Imitation is the game at that age so adults must have a hat on outside too.  The new hat is not near as warm as the lined winter tuque I made a few winters ago but this wind and cooler weather definitely necessitates the use of a hat and the winter one would be too much right now.  I’m just hoping I can use this tuque for a good long while yet!



  1. You inspire me to try knitting again. Your hat looks so soft.

    It ticks me off but I have tried different patterns and I can’t get them to work for the life of me.
    I think I may be done knitting for a while which sucks because I really want to make myself some leg warmers. Boo!

  2. Cool hat!!! Looks really good with your jacket too.

  3. Love the hat!

  4. I fell in love with that yarn and was so disappointed when my toque wasn’t what I wanted the first time – I think I even swatched. I’m so much happier now and having an autumn means I actually get to wear it too!

    I tend not to follow patterns because I’m a little particular and rarely find what I want in someone elses design. If I use a pattern I definitely make changes.

    MB – we should skype at some point anyways and maybe I’d be able to help you with the knitting?

  5. I have never Skyped. I probably won’t really bother until Christmas. So maybe you can SHOW me then. 🙂

  6. I really love the colours of this toque!

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