September 28, 2009

It’s only been two weeks since I made this temporary move to smaller quarters with only only a fraction of my stuff but it’s been liberating to see how much more I can do with my time.  I’m still in shock that I’ve turned to hand sewing so often!

I already wrote about the bags I made the first week: the second one fits my eurythmy slippers perfectly and the other one has been used even more.  Sometimes I use it to carry all my tins of “colours” and other times my birks.  Then there were the leaf faeries we had for homework last week.

leaf faeries

This weekend I returned to another one of my favourite handwork arts: KNITTING!

When I was first packing I thought I might have the opportunity to work on a 90% complete sweater that I started 3 or 4 Christmases ago.  In the end it didn’t fit in my bags. It’s a Christmas project anyways so to work on it at that time of year again will actually be quite nice and perhaps will help me relax and rest like I should! Here’s hoping I can block it will still fit:)

The mainstay of my knitting has been toques, especially the ear flap ones. I’ve been doing fewer and fewer every year – and none last year – so it has definitely felt like time for something new.

On Saturday I ventured to the yarn store and fell in love with yarn after yarn. I was craving something a bit bigger than a toque but smaller than a whole sweater and after much debating of patterns and yarns I settled on a sweater vest in this Manos blend of rich fall colours.


Working on it will force me to schedule some relax time but also keep my hands busy when I take a bit of a break to watch Bones once a week….

Have a great week!



  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    Those are stunning colours L.

  2. Beautiful leaf fairies!! Ian says his favorite is the brown one:) He is all about the word favorite these days!!

    Thanks for sharing your work with us L!

  3. I’m not sure how I wound up loving fall so much since I’m not a fall baby. Maybe I have a bit of a melancholic streak or maybe I just like leaves.

    The brown faerie is my favourite one too but he came second. It took me the first one to get an image of what I really wanted. That, and I didn’t realize that we were trying to personalize them on the first one. The second (smaller) one was so much nicer because I wasn’t just trying to get it done!

  4. Oh I love those fall colours!

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