September 25, 2009

School has been going well for the past two weeks but I’m having a difficult time dealing with my housing situation.

For those that know me well, it’s probably a surprise that I took the plunge to live in the room of a strangers house given my sensitivities to cats, smoke, perfumes and other “fake”things.  If I was ever going to find a community of strangers that I could live with it would seem like those associated with Waldorf would be the right mix.  Well, it turns out that that may not be the case.

For the first week I was here the homeowner was away so I could be surprised by the lack of cookie sheets, measuring cups and sharp knives and the reality of a moldy bathroom.  Except for the mold – which really is a problem – I could do things to remedy the situation.  Since the landlady has returned though I’m starting to have my doubts.

The reason I came to this house instead of others that were closer to school was that there were no cats.  There was also an understanding that this was a non-smoking home.  I’ve never heard where one cigarette a day constitutes non-smoking but if it was in any other house I’d probably just get over it.  The problem I’m having is that this house is that there are no safe places in the house and the conditions by which I’m expected to live are so rigid.  I understand that it’s a big deal for someone to share their space with strangers – I rented out part of my place once too – but if I’m going to stay here there needs to be some give and take and so far all the signs are pointing the other way.

Does anybody have any experience in living this way or some suggestions for how to move on and make thins livable?



  1. No advice because I’m honestly inclined to believe this is not the right place for you (or me!). Smoking would be a deal breaker for me. The mouldy bathroom would put me off but even that I might be able to work with.

    I’ll NEVER understand why many people don’t say what they mean and mean what they say. I’m not willing to make the time or energy to figure it out.

    Do you have any other options or are you thinking you have to make this place work?

  2. If I can make this work, it’s probably the best but I’m going to check out some other options in the morning. They’re further away, more expensive and of course there are unknowns. In this case I got to know people who recommended this place. I have nothing but gut to go on with something new.

    Another option is to evaluate which is worse – smoke and limits on access to the kitchen and having friends over OR cats because there are loads of people in the community with cats.

    The rental situation certainly makes it harder for me to be here for school but I’ll find some way to make things work. Thanks for your support Annie. And as annoying as it is to be scent sensitive it’s so nice to know that you understand!

  3. I would see what other options you have.

    If she wasn’t very honest to begin with and you feel that there’s no give then maybe you should try to move on. You’ll be there a long time and miserable is everything is buggin’ you.

    I hope you can make something work. If it’s too pricy would you consider getting as part time job to boost your rent budget?

  4. I think what I’d really like is access to a couch in a place I can get to school from while I figure things out. I guess I should have brought the ecamper:(

  5. In the past when I have had bad renting experiences something else would come up. For eg. When I first moved to Red Deer I moved into an appt that seemed nice. But then I learned that the neighbors were drunk and disorderly all the time. It was not too long before Kurt was looking for someone to rent his house. That’s how I ended up there. If this does not work for you I think you will be able to find something else that will work.

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