so fortunate to be here

September 18, 2009

It has only been a few days but WOW!  I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to learn here.  We’ve been exploring the meaning and duality of things through words, movement, painting, clay play and more.  It is so cool to be working with a myriad of right answers instead of only one and what a great group of people to be doing it with.

Yesterday I made one hugely oversized bag that was intended for my eurthmy shoes.  It fits my birks (which I’ve been carrying to school every day).  I’m happy to have that bag but decided to make a more appropriately sized one so in an hour of indulgence I did just that while watching Bones.  I only watch tv online and not much of it at that but it was nice to have the background noise without the commercials as I went along.  I had a heck of a time keeping my sewing machine thread from knotting but finally remembered on the last threading not to cut it from the spool until it was threaded and it worked just fine.  I didn’t think to pack a safety pin but a paperclip was just the trick for feeding the drawstring through the top.


They’re nothing fancy (and if you look at my sewing, even less so.  I used blue thread but it works.  It kind of looks like I handpicked some parts and I’m happy with that.  I wish you could see that but my quick attempt at a detail shot didn’t work.  In any case, the contrasting colours are a little less noticeable on the outside.

In any case, I’ll be back here with what I hope is a better post, next week.



  1. Missing TV already?

    Hope you are having a good time. I like seeing all of the positive posts. Your happiness is apparent!

  2. Thanks for posting about your journey L. I can’t wait to see what else it holds for you.

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