such an appropriate quote

September 17, 2009

Long story short: Kevin happened upon this quote a few days ago after worrying about the peach seed (inside the pit) that he ate.  I thought it was worth sharing and it’s especially fitting since it’s part of what has fueled my decision to change career directions.  It also helped me figure out what to say for my presentation when the day after Kevin found the quote.

“A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – German dramatist, novelist, poet, scientist (1749-1832).  A name I’m becoming more an more familiar with as I deepen my knowledge of Waldorf Education.  I love it when more  eloquent ways of describing what I’m thinking or feeling land on my lap like this!



  1. Luckily, I was not poisoned by the peach pit.

    Here is another interesting quote for Goethe: “He who possesses art and science has religion; he who does not possess them, needs religion. ”

    Goethe was full of deep stuff like that:


  2. So true!!! I’m happy for you that you’re taking a chance and starting afresh.

  3. Kevin, why did you eat a peach pit?

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