karmic cat

September 15, 2009

In our first day of teacher training one of the instructors announced our next activity and referenced karma and what I thought was cat.  What appeared was too small of a home for a real cat and I couldn’t see how karma was related to a cat until it was made clear that the home for the “cat” was actually a HAT!

That lightened the mood a bit but what could possibly be karmic about a hat?  Well, it was just an interesting way of naming the good ole name draw.  Folded pieces of paper contained the names of mentors and we went around selecting ours.  What I found was amazing was that the person I felt a need to get to know and hoped would be my mentor just a little more than the rest, was who I selected.  It sure felt like karma and apparently I’m not the only one to have had such an experience.

So, while I’m not always 100% sure why I’m taking this path, at this school, towards becoming a Waldorf teacher, things are working out.  Just like how I’m supposed to be a torch bearer on our extra day off!

I’ve long held more trust in karma than the other religious ideas that surround me and I so love that karma (in a different light) fits within anthroposophy, from which Waldorf Education was born.



  1. I thought about you today as I packed up the kids for a picnic in Jasper. Thanks again for recommending a great picnic location! We had lots of fun!

    I am so glad you made it safely to Toronto! I am looking forward to hearing all about your Waldorf training and experiences. I am inspired by your bravery to try something new:) Maybe I will get the nerve to do something similar in the future!

    By the way, if you want great pizza that is Gluten Free, check out Magic Oven Pizza. I believe they have many locations all over Toronto. I love that they have healthy delicious pizzas and cater to the needs of different diets. I am getting hungry just thinking about it!

  2. I’m not all that surprised at all that you seem to have good karma. (Here’s a judgement for you but one I think is true:) You are a good person, L. I’m so glad you got the mentor you were drawn to!

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