feels like christmas

September 15, 2009

Strange that I should say so but that’s what I thought.  It’s funny though, because for me Christmas is definitely not about the Christian version of things but more about the seasonal change that we celebrate with friends, family and neighbours.  I probably come across as dissing other cultures and that’s not what I mean to say.  More that I’ve found a reason to celebrate now so “Christmas” is actually fun now instead of a time of year I dread.  In any case there were a few big gifts for me today.

Eurythmy that moved me.  Eurythmy unlike any I’d done before.  I’m so thankful for the experience this morning with my fellow students, members of the community and one very talented teacher.  I am also happy that I don’t have to feel the guilt I had this summer where it was a constant tug of war for me to get to class and stay engaged.  Phewf, eurythmy really can be what I’d imagined, and more.

15 - grey paint

Time to paint and simple, yet focused tasks.  The first was to figure out how to paint a wet sheet of paper a consistently light shade of grey without diluting our jars of thick,  heavy black paint.  We also painted for contrast using the same paint.  I went back and forth in a lemniscaped pattern and when after a very short time I felt like I was done, I went back and “unpainted” some spaces.  I was very happy with the results and glad for the extra time to experiment.  Now if I could just give myself that much time at home!

15 - lyre

Another gift and the one that actually moved me to thinking today was like Christmas, was the opening my beautifully wrapped lyre.  It’s not required for teacher training but when I visited the kindergarten classroom in Hawaii I had the chance to play the lyre and have wanted to hear and make that music ever since.  I enjoy singing so recorder playing has been rather frustrating.  I still need to figure out how to tune it but for now the resonance of each string I pluck is enough!

15 - new fabric (batiks)

And my final gift so far today was finding fabric.  I wasn’t looking for anything but when out to find some other specialty items I happened across a fabric store that had one of my favourite prints, just in a different colour than what I used for my favourite baby quilt a few years ago.  I’ve been admiring the bags people carry their eurythmy shoes in so later this week I’ll try and get started on mine.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first full day of teacher training and am so looking forward to what I’m going to learn over the coming months and years!



  1. H! Good luck in your Waldorf training… where are you taking it? I am a Waldorf grad (12 years!) and am becoming a Waldorf mama- I have a small home daycare that’s waldorfish in our house. Anyways… good luck!

  2. Your art is awesome L. I just love the contrast. It’s very emotion packed!

    And your lyre is beautiful. Is it a gift because someone gave it to you or is it a gift from you to you?

  3. How lovely! I can’t wait to hear more and more of your journey!

    I especially love that blue fabric. It’s gorgeous. Make sure you post about how you make the bag!

  4. Beautiful gifts and a beautiful post!

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