packing = sewing

August 23, 2009

Before I finish packing for school I need to finish sewing since I won’t be taking my machines with me.  First, a baby gift for a good friend.  I just fancied up a MEC shirt.  I did the cutting and pinning while visiting with the in-laws to make sure I’d have a chance to get it done before I go.
baby t

Then since I liked what my cousins made for back to school (in JULY) so much, I had to follow suit and make my own pencil (sewing) case.  I knew I would line it and put in an off-set zipper because I prefer not to have things roll away.  When I came across the tutorial Heather at ‘beauty that moves” used for her cash envelopes I knew it was just the thing.  I cut and pinned the fabric at the in-laws too and finally had time to put this one together last night.  I made a few changes to accommodate the off-set zipper but generally worked from this tutorial.

sewing kit

The case is packed with my hand sewing essentials: measuring tape, different types of needles, thread, embroidery floss, thimble, scissors and a seam ripper for school and evening projects.  (I’ll also take some needle felting and knitting work with me but I’m trying to pack light and fit everything into my 2 bags.)

Heather has made some other things I really like including bulk bags.  Last year I cut out muslin for last minute Christmas bags that never got made so I decided to reassign them to bulk bags.  Washing and re-washing flimsy plastic bulk bags really gets my goat.  I wish I’d come up with this solution earlier.   Nearly everything in our pantry is in a container unless it came in a ziploc style bag so these are just what we need for hauling home dry beans, wild rice, quinoa, millet, lentils etc. While these aren’t as pretty as Heather’s I’m so glad to be giving up a few more plastic bags.

bulk bags

There’s another baby due to arrive shortly after I leave so I still need to finish up some things there but my serger, which did fine with the bulk bags isn’t so happy now.

That in a nutshell is what I’ve done today.  I just need to make and attach the binding to my quilt and I’ll be ready to go… from a sewing perspective anyways!



  1. I am so envious. I can’t even get to my machine these days. But at least my roof is all fixed and my flooring almost all done.

  2. It’s been months since my last sewing blitz and it’s going to be a while until my next one. Most likely Christmas. Being forced to take a break is so different from choosing to let sewing go though isn’t it!

  3. […] have a much smaller needle book that I made to go with my sewing case in the summer that I’m quite inclined to keep using both of those items but I did finish my […]

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