so nice to be home *photo added*

August 10, 2009

I did have a good time away but it’s so nice to be home.  I’m sure Kevin’s glad for it too.  He did so much work while I was gone so of course I was an extra happy camper when I got here.

We’ve had ongoing issues with rodents in our garden and right after I left Kevin set to work constructing a vole-proof fence.  Shortly after the fence was constructed a wicked storm blew through and pummeled a lot of the new growth but it would seem that we’ve got some resilient vegetables.  I can hardly believe the change over the past two weeks and last week we got our first two cherry tomatoes!

vole proof fence for my garden!

A new first is flowers on the bean plants.  I’d say the fence is definitely working because no other set of shoots has had the opportunity to grow to this stage without being cut off and dragged away.

Kevin also made sure the plants were watered and started on the construction of a new gate on the downhill side of our yard by cementing in a gate post.  Before I left neighbours replaced some of the fence posts between our yards and rather than re-install our nasty chain link gate we started talking about building a replacement.  The space we have to work with is a little odd because if we keep the gate the same height as the fence the gate will appear almost square.  We’ll also have to figure out a way to latch it by either adding something to the existing fence or adding a new post.

Other surprises that I returned home to included clean dishes, a fully vaccuumed house and freshly trimmed grass.  Yes, it’s great to be home.  And instead of holding this post for another two weeks I’m just going to go without photos.


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  1. Yay Kevin! A nice way to come home!

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