how I spent my time “off”

July 27, 2009

As I mentioned earlier, my Waldorf intensive kept me very busy for most of this month.  I had expected I might join those with cars on excursions to neighbouring areas on the weekends but I only made it once.  Not for a lack of offers but I think I might have overdone things on the first day because I just wasn’t up to it on the other 3 days I had open.

07 time off

It was over two weeks ago now that I joined two of my classmates on a trip to the ocean.  While many were keen on exploring Cape Cod a group of us were more worn out so we went for the closest beach.  I think it was a private one because the options for parking were limited and there was an air of “privilege” on the beach.  Regardless, we enjoyed frolicking in the frigid water and napping on the sand.  Suprisingly the sun didn’t seem as intense there as it is here now that I’m home.

I was surprised to see that most of the houses – or  cottages – looked just like in the movies but far bigger.  And there was so much variety in the size and colour of the rocks (not that my first photo shows it!)

07 time off 1

After going back to the campus for dinner, three of us joined an enthusiastic contra dancer on a trip to Concord, a suburb of Boston.  It was so amazing to join a community that was so keen on dancing and accepting of our limited (ok… complete and utter lack of) experience.

The following day I was too tired to head to the beach and a few people wanted to get together to play music.  At the peak of our play we had a guitar, a lyre, two recorders, a ukulele and a few vocalists.  Our musical interests were so diverse which definitely made it challenging to play something that sounded good but we did have fun.

07 time off 2

One of my favourite things to do when I had free time on weekends was to visit a nearby consignment clothing store.  I had packed lightly, perhaps a little too lightly given how cool and wet the weather was.  My favourite pair of capris, which I had planned to wear for work were thread bare in places before the end of the first week and I had to wear my least comfortable shoes to meet the health and safety requirements in the kitchen.

I generally don’t consider myself much of a shopper but good prices (averaging about $11/item) and colours and fits that I liked were too hard to resist.  After finding a nearly new pair of clog style birkenstocks and a pair of jeans (that doubled as painting pants), I continued to make trips to the store.  In the end I  added a fun and fully lined skirt, a dressy sleeve-less shirt, perfect fitting linen pants, a summery t-shirt and an avocado green long sleeve shirt.  It was definitely a worthwhile way to spend my time!

Oh, and I also did a lot of reading.  I still have a long ways to go on that front!



  1. Wow! Those beach houses are incredible, especially because they are so sparse out there on the beach!

    The trip sounds really wonderful even if it was busy for the time you were there!

  2. Those stones are gorgeous. I wish Trey and Joel had some nices ones like that for their nature table.

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