sewing weekend

June 28, 2009

I didn’t finish the dress in time to wear it to the wedding so it’s shelved now.  I probably could have worn it had I not used white thread to baste it together.  I could have finished it this weekend but I’m sure I’d have to re-fit it when the opportunity to wear it arises.  That’s not fun at the best of times and concealed matching thread would only make it harder.  Plus there are the pin holes that would undoubtedly show up really well if I needed to make it bigger.

With the dress project on hold and Saturday playgroups finished, my weekend was dedicated to packing (only 2 days until I leave!) and some quick wardrobe additions.  I want to travel lightly so that means everything I’m packing needs to be able to be worn together.  The skirt that would fit the coordinating requirement isn’t comfortable enough to wear more than a few times per summer so this morning I set about making a replacement.  I was inspired to make something in a butterscotch colour with an elastic waste, similar to something I made a few years ago but that never really fit right.  I couldn’t find anything in the right colour but having a quick and easy pattern (Simplicity 7229) almost made me forget.  Yes, I’m all about the instantly gratifying type of sewing!

silk shirt and new skirtMy skirt is based on a popular pattern I found on patternreview.com.  It is supposed to have a draw string waist but I don’t much care for the look of ties dangling out below my shirts so I sewed elastic to the inside of the waist band ala yoga pants.  The overall style of the skirt isn’t overly flattering but it’s void of some of the common problems I have with skirts.  I wore it for most of the day just to be sure and it has definitely passed the test.

Earlier on in the weekend I made a new shirt from laundered dupioni silk that had been in my stash for a long time.  I had grand plans for dress shirt when I bought the fabric but I’m really not a dress shirt kind of girl.  (I can’t be bothered to iron and it’s so hard to get a nice fit with my seemingly large shoulders.)

silk shirt

The shirt pattern I settled on (Simplicity 3835) was one that caught my eye two years ago when Amanda Soule posted it on her blog.  Actually the skirt is from there too but I didn’t realize that right away!


It was interesting sewing with laundered dupioni.  It’s not near as easy as working with the unlaundered variety but it’s so much softer and easier to care for.   If I were to have sewn with it and then washed it there would have been a LOT of shrinkage.  As it was I accidentally left the finished product in the drier for too long so it shrank even more than on the initial washing.  That meant going back and removing the elastic from the sleeves to make it comfy.  The hem also shrunk up a good deal but it’s still at a nice length.  Fortunately I’d left the seam allowance in the sides so I could loosen up the fit.  I’m definitely happy with the end results but I’ll save myself some trouble and keep silk in the drier for longer the next time I pre-wash it.

Kevin took the photos tonight and it was a good “project” for Kevin too.  This is the first time I’ve  really sewn since Kevin got his own camera so it was our  first “photo shoot”.  Apart from how shiny my shirt look I’m really happy with his results.

That’s it for my weekend update.  It’s going to be a crazy next couple of days trying to get ready.  Hopefully I’ll have a few chances to post while I’m out east.



  1. Cute outfit. I like that colour combination and you have found a pretty good fit alright.

    L in skirts, whodathunk? 😉

  2. I was hoping I’d have a chance to get you the pattern before I left because I thought you might like it too. I still can’t believe that pattern and all it was less than $15. I wasn’t even looking for that kind of bargain but it was the only thing I could find in a colour, pattern and material I thought would work with the rest of my travel wardrobe!

  3. I think your outfit is fabulous. I am jealous of your sewing skills. I guess I may have to take you up on your sewing lesson offer one of these days:)

  4. Yes, definitely! And something like that skirt is a really simple way to start. As far as shirts go that is one of the simpler ones I’ve found too but the skirt was so much faster to put together and it’s less likely to require extra fittings to look nice. It comes in a few different lengths too.

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