June 26, 2009

DSCN2109In our childhood days we called it hula hooping but everything I read on-line seems to indicate the more respectful term is hooping.  Alrighty then!

As I mentioned in my last post I got a chance to try hooping when we were at NCF.  Last year a colleague had coerced me into trying at the city folk fest and to put it bluntly… I sucked at it.  I gave up in shame but had the idea of trying it again in the back of my head.

A few months ago Annie posted a how to but it took trying some other hoops at the fair this past weekend for me to get the courage to get my own.  After perusing some instructions on-line, Kevin and I went around to all the hardware stores looking for 3/4″ 160 psi pipe on Monday night but none of them stocked it and it was going to take 4 weeks to get any.  I decided to go with plan B – 75 psi pipe that is better suited to kiddy hoops.  With little people birthdays and a visit with my cousins coming up I figured I’d have enough uses for the pipe so went and bought a chunk.


The 50 ft length yielded 3 adult and 2 child sized ones (M posted some of her photos taken well before dusk too).  The adult ones are so light and wobbly that they’re a little hard to use but with 2 evenings of practice I’m finally getting the hang of it.  Finally!

When I return from my trip I’m definitely going to be making a better one in preparation for this years editions of the city folk fest.



  1. Ha ha ha. Nice. Now you have to run two at a time. When you get that you have to throw in the arms and neck.

    Then do it slack lining. LOL.

    You guys bring such spice to our lives. Love ya L!

  2. We actually took the hoops with us to the family picnic and so there were 2 hoops, 2 slacklines and badminton. Oh, and the youngest person was in their mid 20’s!

  3. Cool! I love your colours! I find them easier when they’re weighted. You can do sand or beads or water or…

  4. I don’t have any photos of my favourite one yet – blue and white hockey tape. I do think they’re easier with weight and I looked at adding some but everyone in Kevin’s family was able to hoop right away as was Myriam and her hubby. I’ve gotten the hang of it now so that should make a heavier one easier to use… I think. It’s been good fun but now we need to learn some tricks! Thanks for sharing your how to!

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