holy busses

June 18, 2009

Except when I can take the Red Arrow, coach travel is certainly not my first choice for getting around the country.  It’s far lower on my list for the US but it was looking like the best way for me to get to my Waldorf intensive this summer.  Right now I’m debating which is more risky: staying overnight in a US train station or boarding the bus.  I’m thinking there might be more loose cannons on the bus than in the station.  And that’s not just because of a famous incident from last year.

This afternoon I went to the station, the .ca web, the .com web and spoke to 4 individuals on the phone.  The crazy part is that I still can’t get a ticket and got the world’s craziest run around ever for a company that’s supposed to be wanting my money!

First I couldn’t buy a ticket at  the station because it was for a US destination.  Then I couldn’t buy it on-line from the .ca site for who the heck knows what reason.  Then of course,despite numerous explanations that it would work, I couldn’t get a ticket on the .com site.    For my set of destinations the phone isn’t an option either.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who does cross-border travel but it sure doesn’t feel like it today.

After today’s dealings with the infamous bus company I’m pretty sure I need to take a closer look at the train option.  Anybody have advice for how to survive the night in a BIG city train station?


One comment

  1. Bear spray, a big dirty coat and a big bag of misc. garbage so that you look like a bum and a stink bomb. LOL.

    Can you walk to a hotel or something? Can you fly? I don’t want to be worried. I’d worry about you too but mostly because of the infamous Greyhound bus incident.

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