June 15, 2009


We’re not authentic slackliners by any degree but boy did we ever have fun yesterday!  We have friends from all over that have been documenting their slacklining adventures for us for quite a while and yesterday I tried it for the first time.

Kevin tried it with his sister and her friends and last week he picked up his own gear.  We were going to go find our own spot in the park but decided we had better check the rigging at home first.  We had a less than desirable set up but it was good for a first try.  I couldn’t seem to get anywhere without a shoulder to lean on so there are no photos of moi but Kevin’s are pretty cool.


Our neighbours on both sides were out enjoying the fabulous sunshine but didn’t want to try it out themselves.  I’m positive they think we’re crazy now!

Slacklining is a zany game to play but it’s so much fun and the equipment barely takes any room.   I’m pretty sure we’ll be keeping it and scouting out suitable trees when we eventually start looking to build our own wee house.



  1. But you are crazy… Just saying… 😀

    I remember this was really popular in Cranbrook. People were putting in permanent posts in their lawns to set up the lines. I’ve never actually tried it but I can imagine it’s a lot of fun. At the park the other day I was so enjoying walking and balancing on this circle thingy but you really needed two people so you didn’t spin off.

  2. So is the point just to walk across it? I have never seen this before. Is it like tightrope walking?

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