sourdough bread

June 9, 2009


Yeast doesn’t agree with me.  Nor does wheat.  For the past decade and a half I’ve been relying on spelt and kamut levain breads and “pseudo” breads made by others.  When I was in university my mom and I each experimented with growing our own sourdough starter.  Our first batches always seemed okay but we never felt like we knew for sure.

In the years since I “finished” school, I’ve made a couple of attempts to get my own starter going  but I still always worried that something was not quite right.  Well this week I tried another method where you feed the starter every day and I’ve finally got some results to be proud of.  It really helped to have better descriptions of good vs. bad.


With my first batch I was rather impatient so it was slow to get a froth going and even slower to get my dough rise – I baked it at the end of the day, 35 hours after I added flour to the original starter.  The other batch of starter seemed to reach its ideal state that afternoon so I got another loaf started that night.  It bubbled up over night and was ready to be baked by lunch time – about 14 hours later.  It was a good tasting one too!


I’m not sure if I’ll become a regular bread baker or not but it’s nice to know that I can make a sourdough that works.  It was easily the lightest loaf of spelt sourdough bread I’ve ever laid my hands on and it tasted so good with that strawberry jam I made last month.  Mmmmm…  I might just have to make some more.



  1. Good for you!
    It does look very tasty!

  2. If your kids hadn’t been sick I was going to bring a fresh one over. It might be a while now though.

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