where to go

June 3, 2009

I’ve been wracking my brain for days… weeks… months… trying to decide whether to go east or west, do the public school version of teacher training first or just Waldorf.  I was thinking I didn’t need to make up my mind until after the Waldorf Intensive in July but now I’m having some doubts about whether I want to go to it at all and I got thrown another curve ball with work so I have to decide soon.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to do Waldorf it’s just about how to get there.  My original thought was to take the regular teacher training and then working part time towards Waldorf certification.  Since there’s such a demand for teachers I might be able to teach before getting the second certificate or work in the public system (not so sure about that part though).  Going for a B.Ed. certainly keeps my options a little more open but it’s pricey to get the second certification and Waldorf is what I want to teach anyways.

A big thing that is mucking me up is $$.  The summer intensive is pricey and it threw a bit of a curve ball into all my calculations.  We had planned to do another road trip to California this summer so I could take some Waldorf training there.  We’d have time for the beach and get lots of camping in.  Now I’m scheduled to go to another coast and it’s way too far to drive which means camping and beach play will be replaced with expensive airfare.  I should be excited to go somewhere new but I’m anxious more than anything.   With the dollar doing as well as it is right now the finances probably aren’t *as* big of a deal now but I still worry about not being able to finance my whole education venture myself.

The original plan had been to go west since we’ve been wanting to move back for a while anyways.  Had I not thrown a wrench in everything by looking at a full time Waldorf training program (or withdrawing my application from 3 BC schools) Kevin probably would already have found a job in one of those places and I wouldn’t need to worry about cost of living so much.

On the money front I’m also concerned about continuing to hold the house.  Our mortgage isn’t insane but it would be so much more economical to sell it now and then we could each rent little places for about the same cost.  We don’t love this house and have been working on downsizing so it seems like a no brainer to me .  Unfortunately I’m having a hard time convincing the other member of our team.

Ah, the challenges of life!  Hopefully I’ll resolve things soon so I can start breathing and sleeping a little more easily.  On a positive note there are things sprouting in our garden1



  1. These decisions can be so stressful. I really believ in following the path that gives you peace. Forcing something that isn’t meant to be never pays off in the end. Sometimes you just need to set a course and see how you feel about it.

    When we decided to stay in Edmonton (just before we moved to Coronation) we didn’t feel at peace at all. When we changed our mind and decided to go to Coronation, everything just felt right and we went ahead with it.

  2. I hope everything works out for you. Making big changes in your lives takes courage and I am sure eventually the right path will open itself up to you. Good luck!

  3. We had this decision to make recently too: Which school should we choose?

    Jeff had been accepted to three schools (though he declined one offer). So, we then had one on the East coast or one on the West?

    He was really impressed with both programs, liked the people he’d be studying under and with, so it came down to a lifestyle choice. He didn’t get to choose the school alone though. It was a choice that both of us had to make together since the change would effect us both.

    I work full-time so I need to move to a place that has the possibility of work nearby. We also like fresh food, hiking, museums, and the public libraries have to be great too (since I’ve stopped buying books and only borrow them now). And we want to be near like-minded people. When we went to visit the East coast school, we found it in a college town, 3 hrs from the nearest City. We knew right away that we wouldn’t fit in there.

    To attend either program would have made Jeff happy so it was then easy to decide on the West coast school. We wouldn’t have survived as a couple if one of us was be miserable. The West coast school offered us all that we’ll need to both be happy until he’s out of school. After that, we’ll look at the options on where to move again…

    Maybe how we made the choice will help you both deciding yours. Best of luck!

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