May 24, 2009

For years muffins were my favourite thing to bake, then cakes took over for a short while and now I’m onto cookies, with the occasional cracker or cake stop.

I wasn’t planning to stop on cookies for too long but I keep finding one good recipe after another!  When visits to the city were rare I stumbled upon an energy packed cookie I could eat at Planet O: the cosmic power cookie.  They were a great treat but they got to be expensive when I started working close to the store.  When I came across the recipe online I started making them on my own and even devised a gluten free version for Kevin.  Mmm..mmm… good.  And everyone we’ve ever served them to raves about them as well.

More recently we’ve discovered Dreena Burton’s homestyle chocolate chip cookies.  They are simply amazing!

05 cookies

I’ve had Vive le Vegan, the cookbook this recipe comes from since one of our first trips to Kevin’s family’s property on the coast.  This book is so suited to our diets and is full of vegan goodness.  Until last week I was always able to resist the sweetest of the sweet stuff in this book but that changed when I decided to reward my good bone density score with Dreena’s latest book – Eat, Drink and be Vegan.

This new book features a fool proof gluten free version of the same chocolate chip cookies.  Since we’ve taken to baking in parallel we found our respective recipes and were pleasantly surprised with the results.  So much so that we made 3 batches each in the window of a week.  Yes, they’re that good!  We also had help devouring these cookies on our trip to Saskatchewan last week.

05 cookies cooked

So what makes these cookies so darned good?  I think the key is in the ingredients – rather than copious amounts of refined sugar both recipes call for maple syrup, molasses and a wee bit of sugar.  The resulting texture and flavour rock.  A bit crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and sweet without being t00 sweet.  I added way more molasses than is called for the first time and quite like the result too.

One of the big reasons we like Dreena’s baking recipes is that they call for oil rather than margarine.  Kevin usually uses coconut oil as a substitute but it doesn’t always work so well and can be expensive – just like with my margarine.  The use of oil also makes them easy to replicate when we’re visiting friends or family who don’t stock our usual ingredients.

So… what started as a discussion on cookies turned into a report on why Dreena Burton’s recipes rock.  I’m so looking forward to trying more recipes in her new book because the 4 we’ve tried already have rocked!


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