photos – part 1

April 27, 2009

Now that I’ve gotten all this Waldorfy news out of the way it’s time for photos from our trip. I only realized when using my camera for the painting photo that we took photos of us and our gear before we left.04-maui-photos-2


I admit that I often forgot there was a camera around but between the two of us we were able to snap some shots to remind us of our trip.

In our first beach day we headed to Big Beach on the recommendation of friends who were on the island a month earlier.  This beach was stellar but it was definitely one of the more popular stellar beaches.  The locals were reporting the trade winds to be stronger than usual but memory tells me this was the first pleasantly windy beach we found – the others on the north shore and even in Kihei, just a short distance north of Big  Beach were too windy for our liking.

Our favourite beach in Maui was in our least favourite town if you can call it that.  Before I was born my folks made a trip to Hawaii and while they were on Maui they stayed in Ka’anapali.  The tourist map indicated it was the first master-planned resort community in the US.


Kevin at Big Beach

Urban planning is definitely one of my interests but the “master planned” part makes me laugh and frustrates me at the same time.  Sure most of the guests have views of the ocean from their room and easy access to the beach but I’m not a fan of that kind of tourism.  It quite irritates me actually.

maui-s210_041509_00921Countless times we’d come across teenagers talking on their cell phones to their friends that were only a few feet away.  And of course, the developers of these sites wanted grass everywhere so there’s quite a bit of soil (from erosion) and chemical going straight into the ocean.  I definitely don’t like that.  The waves though were great.

maui-s210_041509_0093On our last day we returned to this place and while there were still a lot of beach breaks we went further out and floated on the 6 foot waves and dove under the ones that broke further out.  I still need to finish up the roll of film in the underwater camera to get photos from our play in the water but here are ones of both of us and the eroded beach from when we first visited Ka’anapali.


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