a day in the kindy!

April 25, 2009

During my great afternoon at the Waldorf school I was able to arrange for some time in a classroom the following day.  I had been hoping to observe a main lesson for one of the grades but I really enjoyed my morning with the kindergartners – it provided a really nice connection between what we’ve been doing with the tot program here and what I’ve been reading about in the grades.

At this age, the specialized instructors come to the class and so I was able to have my first taste of Hawaiiana and Eurythmy.  I had been craving an authentic Hawaiian experience and this certainly felt like it.  The children already knew the songs we sang along with the teacher (who was also playing her ukulelel) and then we also practiced our hula with the words in English and Hawaiian.  I wasn’t sure about the hula the first time I saw it but with the words it made so much sense!

Eurythmy was surprisingly similar to the cirlce time we do in play group except that it also included storytelling with interesting movements to go with it.  I thought that Goldilocks and the three bears was a great choice for this group because of all the repetition.

Our other activities included coloring, bread baking and gymnastics style free play before we went outside for a snack and a good amount of outdoor play and gardening.

It was a great day and it’s definitely got me excited about school.  And going back to play group tomorrow too:)



  1. Sounds like an amazing experience! I am glad that you enjoyed your trip and had a great time checking out Waldorf education!

  2. I’m sure you would have loved it too. I hope the sun and your energy make a swift return so you can more about the play activities in your house!

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