I’m back!

April 24, 2009

Wow, it’s amazing how quickly we can adapt to warm weather.  Cold weather on the other hand is not so nice.  We had a welcoming snowfall a few hours after we got home yesterday and this morning it was -4.  Definitely not the 24-30C we got used to during our trip.

Internet access was not what I had anticipated but there was so much to see and such limited daylight hours so I’m actually glad I let myself unwind and detach from the electronic world for a few days.  I’ve often dreamt about car camping across the continent and really living in the places I’m at and this trip was both a great taste and a happy reminder of that.

We have so many pictures and Kevin just put them on the computer.  It will take a while to go through them all but for now I wanted to say a few words about my time at the Waldorf School.

Kevin and I took a tour of the campus earlier this week.  It was beautiful and of course in such a climate, there is plenty of outdoor activity during the year.  As a result the gardens and playing fields are plentiful and they were in use while we were there.  The campus, formerly the home of a public school is on a hill and some of the classrooms are in their own buildings even.

Here’s a silly shot of  me out in the field with the terraced seating that makes it more like an amphitheater – you can see that they’re getting ready for May/Lei Day.


We thought we were just about done our tour when we stopped by the library and met one shining gem of a teacher/librarian/historian.

I’m struggling to find the words to explain our connection but it was energizing to say the least.  A former public school administrator, he had recently found his home at this private school.  We enjoyed more than an hour of conversation and it was simply amazing.  We discussed what draws us to Waldorf, the history of the school and even looked at books that some of the students had written for their “buddies” in the younger grades.  Kevin also noticed a book on his desk – he had been enjoying Everybody Needs a Rock too!

After a great exchange about the book, Mr. B presented us with a rock.  That rock and the book are now a great reminder of our visit and our new connection.

I still haven’t decided whether to go with the public or Waldorf teacher education program next year but this visit definitely solidified my interest in Waldorf.  I think it was also helpful for Kevin to hear about it from someone else and actually see how things are run in a school.

Now, hopefully I’ll get through more of the photos so I can share more about our trip:)


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