April 15, 2009

We’re just starting day 3 of our visit and already we have met some like-minded travellers, visited 6 beaches, hit all the health food stores and had everything but snow for weather.  That could come when we head up to Haleakala – we know other folks that have had that and there has been a lot of rain where we’re staying part way down the “mountain” side.

The second night we were here, some regular visitors filled us in on the best times to enjoy the beach – early in the morning or right near sunset.  We didn’t get up too early yesterday but we did get in the water shortly after 10 am and I’m glad we did.  By noon there were some clouds in the sky and the wind had picked up.

We woke up earlier today so we can get more good beach time in.  Kevin’s going to have to wear a shirt though because even with sunscreen he got a nice little burn.

Anyways, we’re heading out to the beach now.  And this time we’ll remember to bring the camera with us:)



  1. I am just thrilled with our nice weather but I still envy you. LOL.
    Lookin’ forward to seeing you when you get back…let me know what works for you.

    We have Trey signed up for T-ball. He is very excited.

  2. Yes, remember the camera! Sounds like fun. I so want to be somewhere warm too.

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