April 8, 2009

The past 2 weeks have been… shall we say insane?  We’ve both been working long days and partial weekends but it’s all going to pay off in a few days as we’re going on vacation.  Woo hoo!

Instead of the usual trip to BC we’re continuing our exploration of the US and heading to Hawaii.  Kevin’s been there a few times and as much as I like the idea of sun, sand and warm waters I’ve always found a reason for us not to go.  It’s rather pricey and truth be told, I’ve never felt all that comfortable with being a tourist in a tourist area, especially when it’s for more than a drive through.  Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a little place that decided tourism was the way of the future.

While touristy places can seem great for those who come to visit it can turn out to be quite the opposite for those who grew up there and want to stay.  In the case of my home town embracing tourism meant high demand for people to work at low wages at entry level-ish jobs.  On its own that might not be too bad but add the baby boomers who want to retire out there and all of a sudden house prices etc. start sky rocketing.

What scares me is I want to return to the island and how am I worse than the retirees if I have equity in a house here and want to buy there?  I’m not really sure but it would be awfully hard to afford a house without the sacrifice we’ve made here.

Anyways, I’m rambling.  I’m going to enjoy the trip and hopefully post here a little more often too.



  1. I’m with you on the vacations and what they do to a community. It’s not unlike taking a cruise. They definitely come with their own environmental issues/detriments. Alas, I think you should take your trip for what it is- a time to relax in the warm weather. When it comes to considerations of moving to a touristy location I think it’s a wonderful thing for people like you to join the community since you’ll be bring a different feel to it! If you can handle the mobs, that is. I’m finding the island much much too busy for my liking.

  2. Have a wonderful, restful, relaxing vacation!

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