everybody needs art

April 1, 2009

I came across Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall’s books online only a few weeks ago but they sounded so good!  Their books are from the 70’s and are unlike most of the children’s books I’ve seen.  Most of the children’s books found in Waldorf stores are from Europe and I really like how these are from a little closer to home – the southwestern US.  Not quite where we travelled in the fall, but close.  The author writes about the more important things in life – nature, imagination, family and creativity.  The sample pages I viewed on-line featured amazing desert styled drawings.

Today I finally made a trip to the bookstore to pick up “everybody needs a rock“.  At first I was disappointed that there was so much less colour inside than on the cover but it didn’t take long to recognize how beautiful and inspiring the drawings are.

Looking at the book convinced me that I just had to get started painting.  I’ll still be getting paint from Ontario (since Stockmar is so hard to find) but I was able to pick up a few sheets of watercolour paper, a paint brush and water soluble wax pastels.  I tried them in the store and they were definitely cool so we’ll see.

Kevin just started on dinner – Annie’s bhangra burritos.  I can’t wait to try them and then start mucking around with colour and water!



  1. Awesome, post pictures!

  2. Have you tried Natural Pod for Stockmar products. I think they carry them a well as Baby Naturopathics. Just google to find them!!

  3. Pictures are posted! I would love to order from Natural Pod but they seem to be out of the art supplies I want every time I go to order!

  4. That book looks awesome! I might just head over to the library website and see if they have it.

    Do you ever shop with Maple Rose? I’ve been to their store (in Neloid) but have yet to buy anything online. I was recently looking at some specific art supplies… http://www.maplerose.ca/

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