beautiful sunset

March 30, 2009

Today was a bit of a long day as it was the first one in ages where I spent a whole day “in the office”.   And then I wound up staying late?  Needless to say, I really missed the extra 100 minutes that I usually get at home.  There was no washing dishes before work today and so I was further delayed with cleaning the soup pot to make dinner.

I was thinking today was serving as a wake up call to tighten the reigns on things at the house but the sunset changed my mind.  While we sat at the table for a late meal of tomato lentil soup I witnessed this amazing view of the sky.  It reminded me of a Waldorf painting.  (Which I was thinking about plenty this weekend while trying to finalize an order of books, paint supplies etc.)


I went outside to get a real photo and was surprised to find that what we could see through our window pretty much lined up with with the full extent of the redness.  I’m fairly certain that there was a special meaning in the deep red sky that then turned a deep, bright blue (like what you see at the top of the photo).  I’m not exactly sure what that meaning is but I’ll take it as a hint to get painting!



  1. Beautiful pic L.
    I think we always get so hung up on what “needs” to be done that we forget the most important part of all, taking time for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  2. Beautiful picture. Are you ordering your supplies from The Acorn’s Journey again or have you found other resources.

  3. Wow! Gorgeous with all that red! How lucky you are to have captured that.

  4. Thanks for chiming in M and Rochelle. This next order will actually be from shop.waldorf.ca as I need some of those harder to find Steiner sort of books too. They also have more choices for paintbrushes. Come to think of it though, even with shipping, it’s probably cheaper to pick the paints up separately from Acorn’s (even with shipping) so I might just do that! Do either of you want in on that?

  5. In on which one? I could probably go in on something…since I have been spending so frivolously these days. jhdfkhnmasafhl…that’s me banging my head on the keyboard in guilt. Ha ha ha.

  6. Some of those art supplies are available at local stores (cheaper and without shipping) if you are interested.
    I am talking more about the natural hair brushes and pastels etc.

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